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After-Sun Solutions A small amount of exposure to the sun does you good, providing you with the vitamin D your body needs – but too much is definitely bad for you! If you do happen to overdo it, here are a few natural after-sun treatments to ease your discomfort. HOME REMEDIES FOR SUNBURN RELIEF Aloe vera gel: Split a fresh leaf and apply the gel directly to the skin several times a day. Keep the leaf in the fridge to provide even greater relief. Bicarbonate of soda: This good old kitchen cupboard standby often has my family quoting ‘bicarb to the rescue!’, as we use it for all and sundry. Add ½ – 1 cup to a tepid bath for sunburn relief. It balances the pH and is very soothing with- out being dehydrating. Bulbinella: The sap of this fabulous indigenous succulent (Bulbine frutescens) is also a sunburn soother of note. Use it in the same way as aloe vera gel/sap. Cornflour (Maizena): can be used to ease chaffing, e.g. on areas like the groin (panty line), shoulders (bra straps) and under the breasts, but don’t apply it if blisters have formed. Application of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and oils should also be avoided at this stage, as they don’t help. Honey: The antiseptic and healing properties of honey are said to be useful for helping new epithelial cells to grow, but keep it as an option for the post-acute treatment phase. Oats: A bath of tepid water to which you’ve added ½ – 1 cup of oats is very soothing Tea: Many of the constituents found in green tea, for example, such as the polyphenols, tannic acid and theobromine, assist in soothing and healing sunburn. Infusions made from other teas, like herbal chamomile and rooibos, can also be used in the form of spritzers or compresses – and drinking healthy teas while recovering from sunburn aids rehydration. Extract taken from article written by Dr Sandi Nye. https://natmedworld.com/after-sun-solutions/ 1 ♡ 1 ✍ March 22