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I was partly raised by my Irish grandmother, who had grown up very poor. She fed us #realfood & really knew how to make a meal stretch! She showed me how to not waste a thing - she always said that the only part of a pig you couldn’t use was the squeak 🐽 She cooked us stews & offal, & prepped rabbit & crab at the kitchen sink. I grew up witnessing the process of whole animal to plate & knew that you didn’t just eat the nice looking parts! When I became vegetarian at young age it was because my eyes were wide open to where my meat came from. When I became very ill later in life, lab tests showed that my body wasn’t wired to be meat-free. I decided to return to being an omnivore for the sake of my health & instantly started to feel better. My caveat was that I would choose only #organic #freerange ethically raised or wild #meat & I would do each animal the honour of not wasting a single bite. I don’t have a lot of money, so I need to be thrifty, I make the most of what I have & I have my grandmother to thank for teaching me how. So, when a chicken gives it’s life for my plate, once I can strip no more meat or skin from the carcass,it goes in the pot for 12 hours to be boiled down for #bonebroth - one of the most healing foods you can put into your body. Thank you dear chicken! ❤️🐓✨ #nutrition #optimalhealth #bebulletproof #biohacks #biohacker #biohackerforlife #respectfood #wastenothing #bethrifty #begrateful #selfcare #selflove ❤️ 13 ♡ 3 ✍ March 21

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Are you addicted to dopamine? - Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that directs reward-motivated behavior. It makes you want to do certain activities that have a positive outcome - Any form of accomplishment that makes you feel „Yes! I did it“ will increase dopamine and it’s going to make you want to repeat that action in the future. - However, in our modern environments, we’re able to artificially spike our dopamine levels through the roof by eating chips, watching porn, drinking alcohol, entertainment, and other types of sensory stimulation. - Too high levels of dopamine can lead to addictions, anxieties and depression. For peace of mind and focus, you need to be satisfied with less dopamine - Paradoxically, it's possible to get addicted to low levels of dopamine as well because of emotional addiction to apathy and nihilism - Emotional addiction is huge and it applies both ways – I need to feel motivated! I have to have only enthusiasm and I’m going to block out everything else. VS I’m feeling so sad and remorseful but I kinda like it because it fills up some sort of an emotional hole in my psyche. - Being addicted to low emotional states is very real and it happens when people spend too much time in a semi-depressed state. It becomes the norm and they get used it so their brain starts rationalizing it away. - You start to feel safe and secure in your low emotional state of apathy because you experience it so often. - The way out of this rut is to optimize your neurotransmitters again and overcome thy low dopamine - There are many things that drain your dopamine levels, such as poor sleep, inflammatory foods, lack of exercise, no meaningful relationships, zero motivation, public ridicule and much more. - If you want to know how to fix those issues by increasing both serotonin and dopamine levels, then check out the latest #bodymindempowerment podcast episode. Links in BIO @siimland - Are you having too high or too low dopamine levels? FOllow: @siimland Stay Empowered Siim #dopamine #addiction #addicted #socialmedia #nofagp #monkmode #personaldevelopment #fitness #mind #brain #brainpls #biohacking #biohacks #neuroscience #science #psychology #psyche #mental 509 ♡ 15 ✍ March 19