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Regrann from @ vimophanstar - But this face tho.... Maximus is a very special “Posh Pet” searching for that special person who can give him his dream: A HOME. Max is just a babe at about a year old. He was tied up behind the Posh Pets Shelter about 2 months ago. A staff member was walking one of the other shelter dogs when he discovered Max. His tiny frail emaciated body sitting in the blistering cold, watching and waiting for the person who walked away to return. Nobody knows if Max was left overnight, freezing, counting the seconds for someone to find him. He immediately was brought to the shelter where he was fed, and taken care of. Nobody knows what day to day life was for Max before he was abandoned, but you can tell he longs for the day where he can be loved, cherished and treated properly. Max is not a dog who takes well to kennel life. Some dogs can handle it, he’s not one of them. He’s being treated like a prince, and is in the Ritz-Carlton of shelters, but we all know, nothing compares to being “home.” I sat in the yard with him, and he paced in circles. He is food motivated, and is very gentle when taking them from my hand. He reminds me very much of Patrick. For further info on giving Max the life that he deserves visit the website at Poshpetsrescue.org Located in Long Beach NY #adoptthecropped #letthemflop #patrick #patrickthestar #brindle #rednose #beauty #beautyiswhereyoufindit #dogs #advocate #cantstopwontstop #longisland #takemehome #takemewithyou #love #innerpeace - #regrann 10 ♡ 0 ✍ March 21