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WHY YOU SHOULD BE DEADLIFTING By @jordanbarnardpt Why aren’t you deadlifting right now? Put the phone down and go lift. But seriously, do you have any deadlifts in your workout routine? It doesn’t have to be a conventional barbell deadlift there are lots of variations, but the deadlift exercise is one that can have a huge impact on your body and strength. And it is definitely not just for the big dudes in the back of the gym. Need me to convince you? You’ll be training muscles from head to toe when you deadlift. Every muscle that has to be involved in the lift will require you to burn calories to give it energy. You want to maximize calorie burn in your training this will help. This type of strength transfers to things you do everyday. Picking up heavy things off the ground happens all of the time in your life more than just the gym. When people ask if you need help lifting something you’ll know “I got this” That feeling at the top of the deadlift when you successfully pulled up the heavy weight is incredible. I can’t describe it to you, you’ll need to experience it. But your confidence, not only in the gym, but in life will get stronger too. Don’t let deadlifts intimidate you into not reaping the awesome benefits they have to offer. #lifting #liftingweights #deadlift #deadlifts #strengthtraining #strongereveryday #barbell #womenwholift #momswholift #strongwomen #strength #confidence #workout #exercise #start #fitmom #fitwomen #coaching #liftheavy #wonderwoman #legs #glutes #hamstrings #back #strongerthanyesterday #strongisthenewskinny 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22