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If I let wives write a caption for this, some of the things you will read will send shivers down your spine. _ Bad signs are bad signs, they are not areas to concentrate on in marriage. If he slaps you now, he will slap you very well in marriage. Let's say he said you annoyed him and made him do it, listen you are bound to annoy him very well in marriage so what happens then. _ You know he isn't as engaged in the relationship as he should be but he says he is busy and you believe things would get better. No dear it won't. You should both be present in the relationship. Once you have married him, it would be too late to start complaining. _ Something tells you you are not compatible but you say to yourself opposite attracts. Listen, "not all opposites make it in marriage". You are very different but you want to commit yourself to changing him and helping him see the world as you see it. Don't bother ma, that commitment might frustrate you. I'm sure you've heard the words "you can't change your husband" flying around. _ You know there is no real intimacy or connection. Already when you aren't having sex (you shouldn't be having sex if you aren't married) or together in the same room, you don't feel like you are in a relationship. Yet you carry on because you don't want to be without a partner; you are setting yourself up for an unhappy marriage. _ He cheats on you and you forgive him over and over again. I know you believe he can change but you aren't married and can walk away from it now. Don't stay, if you do he will cheat into and in your marriage. _ You feel exhausted in this relationship but you say to yourself that relationship is hard work. No ma, it shouldn't be that hard. Your relationship should be a guide to how much work you are setting yourself up to do in marriage. Relationship takes work but it shouldn't be exhausting or make you feel less of yourself. The work you do should strengthen you and your relationship. _ You know he loves you more than you love him but people say that's good so you stay, you are setting yourself up for discontent and dissatisfaction. _ I can say more but I will stop here😁 TAG ALL THE UNMARRIED WOMEN YOU KNOW AND SAVE THEM 171 ♡ 25 ✍ March 20