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Here's to the kids who look up at the night sky and wonder what the fuck the universe is all about. Here's to the kids who find it hard to express themselves, who struggle coping with the pace the world around them, yet are way ahead in ways unbeknownst to them. Here's to the kids with battlefields inside their heads, the kids who can wage wars against themselves sometimes, and adore themselves the other. Here's to the ones who aren't happy with what they are, but try their bloody best to be. Here's to the kids who are afraid to show the world the masterpiece they are, for they fear that the modern day notions of beauty will tear them down. Here's to the kids who search for purpose, who don't consider any reason a small enough reason to break down, who cry with no inhibitions, but get back up and walk the dusty road of life, the kids who either feel too much or nothing at all, the used, the neglected, the emotional wrecks, the ones who sort their problems with pizza and a really good book and those who do it getting high. Here's to the ones who walk through this highway to hell like it's the stairway to heaven, and the ones who walk through this stairway to heaven like it's the highway to hell. Here's to the renegades and those who live conventionally, the rebels and those who gave in, the sweet ones and the bitter ones, the broken, the beaten and the damned. In all of this diversity of us carbon based life forms, I want you to know, that we are different, but in all our differences, we are not alone. 7 ♡ 1 ✍ March 23

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Who Inspires You? Please share. Today I am getting ready to do a talk in Lake Geneva, WI with a book signing afterwards for my co-authored book “Women Who Inspire”. My presentation is titled “Permission to Choose You.” I have 3 powerful tools I am sharing where it allows you to connect more into your power and in turn raises your vibration to manifest the things you desire. My dad inspires me. Even though he physically hasn’t been here for 37 years he still inspires me. I decided to wear my dad’s tie with his name on it “Ross”…how cool is that!?! He always desired to write a book and I KNOW today he is grinning while he smokes on his stogie from the other side, in heaven to tell me “I am proud of you. You go girl!” My sister Alexis is in the background of the photo and she physically has been my #1 cheerleader with the book…she also inspires me. I am honored to speak today at the Women’s Resource Fair hosted for 14 years by Tracy McHugh. How amazing is that. Providing this avenue for women to grow, learn and expand. So many people are living their passion and contributing goodness to humanity. Thank you! Come join me at 5:30pm today. Details here: www.tallyhayden.com/events/. You receive a FREE ticket for both fair days because you are my guest so click on the link above to get the details and sign up for my newsletter while you are it. Note: I am a guest speaker tonight but will not be an exhibitor at the Fair but other powerful coaches like Jill Borsos and Judy Hahn will be there along with 60 exhibiting practitioners, organizations and businesses and over 20 educational lectures in the areas of Alternative Health & Wellness, Holistic Products, Organic Foods & Nutrition, Green Home & Healthy Life, Bodywork & Movement and Education & Empowerment. 💚 #werisecoaching #werisetogether #keepsake #heaven #inspire #dad #womenwhoinspire #womenwhoinfluence #womenwhoignite #empowerment #fair #shineyourlight #book #author #chooseyou #loveyou #beyou #impacthumanity #purpose #passion 1 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23