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#FBF to that time when I would do these videos of #acrobombing spots around the city. This particular time, @acroant and I were at @meltdowncomics combining our love for acro and comics (ok my love for comics). TL:DR warning This memory is bittersweet as Meltdown Comics closes their doors for the final time at the end of the month. The comics culture has gone through such a change from when I was a kid. Shopping locally for comics is harder. Most like me get their comics digitally and/or by trade. This coupled with the decreased readership (let's face it - people will generally default to watching the movies than delve into the source material) has made the local comic retailer a bit of a relic of comic book culture's past. I grew up a spinner rack kid. I'm thankful that comics were readily available at almost any store. It formed my breadth of reading into prose novels and non-fiction and fashioned my design and artistic sense. And yes - it bleeds into my love of acro. The comics art form is a journey into dynamic sequential storytelling. I believe the movement arts also share these qualities. I'm thankful for both mediums for always inspiring me. My ramble is close to an end - so I'll end with this: Meltdown Comics was the equivalent of the Green for comics. It housed like-minded folks sharing their love of this art with one another. Now it continues without the brick and mortar outlet. I will continue to do that as well, but fondly remember the days of stopping in on a Wednesday at Meltdown to pick up my pull list. Thank you, Meltdown. For the last time I'll say, #LetsGoMeltdown #PlayLA #acro #acrobatics #acroyoga #acrogram #wannafly #acronerd #aylifestyle #liveplay #trust #sensitivity #balance #aylifestyle #comicbook #comicsculture #sequentialstorytelling 638 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23