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Hey guys, sorry for not being on Instagram posting as often as I used to and then temporarily deactivated. At the time I was busy & I needed a break from Social Media in general because things were getting overwhelming for me to handle. But I'm back kinda for now & here' more Abstract Art from this yr Jan/Feb. Please enjoy. ************************************************** (PS: If you see something on my account & you want to feature it onto your IG Account, you have my permission to do so. Just make sure to credit me and use the hastag [#] anisamazaki. Im saying this cuz I notice now some people are asking & its alittle tiring to keep telling them this all the time. So yeah, feature what you like from me if you want, but just make sure to credit me. I don't mind at all. Also, don't ask me if I want to be featured. I already stated that you can take my work and feature it if you freely want to. If you ask, I will report & block you. And Don't ask me to check out your profile or your pics. Don't ask me to like or follow you either & don't add compliments to your "requests" to like/follow/check you out. I will cuss you out Trini style and block you if you do any of those, cuz I don't like ad spam in my comments section -.- From my point of view, if you have to cheesily spam people to view your profile, pics etc, then to me that means your content is shitty & you're desperate for followers/attention. I ain't have time for that & my comments section is for my fans or people who want to start a conversation, ask questions about my work etc. It's not for your spam. Just saying. ) #art #artistry #digitalart #abstract #abstractart #painting #abstractpainting #visualart #rainbowcolors #abstractwork #artwork #trippyvisuals #psychedelicart #creative #digital #artexperiment #colours #colors #colourful #colorful #colourfulart #colorfulart #artistoninstagram #creativewomen #colourwash #colorwash 2 ♡ 0 ✍ March 20