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The picture above shows New Zealand soldiers, one of them is holding a wounded dove, at Mailly-Maillet on the west of Ancre valley on the Somme. The picture was taken around March 31, 1918. - During the time, the New Zealand Division was moved into Amiens to repel German attacks on March 21, 1918, around ten days before this picture was taken. During Operation Michael or the 1918 Battle of the Somme, the Germans were using newly formed tactic called "stormtrooper" which the soldiers would be lightly armed with rifles and grenades. The stormtroopers would storm into British frontline, leaving them exposed and later mopped by the standard German foot soldiers. The main goal of Operation Michael was to take the Channel ports and cut British supply lines. Unfortunately for the German soldiers, as their General, Ludendorf wasn't imaginative enough to understand the new tactics the army was using. He could not keep the stormtroopers supplied ammunition and food rations , leaving them starved. The other problem was also the economic blockade of Germany by the British Navy. The stormtroopers had to find food and wine that the British had left behind. During the time this picture was taken, these men should already have halted the German advance on Amiens, and they were in the hard fighting the days before this picture was taken. The New Zealand by 1918 was probably the most effective division out there on the Western Front according to their training and combat readiness. The British high commands usually placed the New Zealand Division on the frontline at the point they couldn't afford to lose their men. ________________________________ Source of picture : Colours of Yesterday via Facebook Colorized by Benjamin Thomas. Source of info : nzhistory.govt.nz ________________________________ #newzealand #newzealander #british #uk #britain #england #soldier #usa #american #america #german #germany #france #ww1 #wwi #history #picture #photograph #war #stormtrooper 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 21