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The beginning of #wweraw started off with Raw GM coming out saying that he had some bad news. It was that Roman Reigns was still suspended, despite Roman Reigns coming out and telling Kurt Angle that he wanted Brock Lesnar now. Then apparently a bunch of police officers came out and tried to arrest Roman Reigns in handcuffs. Reigns then fought off the police officers which lead to Brock Lesnar coming out to attack Roman, delivering multiple German Suplexes and then an F5. The first match of the night was Alexa Bliss vs Asuka which was a good match and made Alexa look like a true heel champion and still had Asuka keep her undefeated streak as Asuka gained a count out victory. This lead to Nia Jax chasing and laying out Mickie James as Alexa Bliss would run off. When Bliss confronted Kurt Angle, he announced that it will be Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax at #wrestlemania34 for the #wwerawwomenschampionship The next match was Braun Stronman vs Cesaro in a very competitive match. This was meant to set up the Bar vs Stronman at Mania and still questions on whether or not Stronman will have a partner at WrestleMania. Braun won with a Running Powerslam and stood tall over the #wwerawtagteamchampions The next match was #therevival vs #titusworldwide in a match that didn’t lead to anything. The Revival won and then said that they will be entering the #andrethegiantmemorialbattleroyal which I’d now entering its fifth year in a row. The next match was a tag team match with @sashabankswwe and @itsmebayley vs @mandysacs and @sonyadevillewwe which began with Sasha Banks confronting Bayley on what happened at the Elimination Chamber. Then the match began and Bayley and Sasha’s miscommunication costed them the match with Absolution getting the win. Sadly, it appears that there will be no Sasha Banks vs Bayley match at WrestleMania, since they are both set to compete in the women’s battle royal. However the show picked up as @johncena came out and gave an even more impressive promo on #theundertaker and told the fans that the Undertaker was a coward because his response to John Cena was neither a yes or no at his WrestleMania challenge. John Cena begged Taker to at least do something, 2 ♡ 1 ✍ March 21