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5 YEARS OF SXSW. 14 DAYS OF MAGIC. WONDER. BEAUTY. ✨ I spent the past two weeks running around Austin, making new friends, learning from brilliant minds, and listening to incredibly talented musicians from all over the world. After a longgggg, long sleep, I woke up today with a pep in my step and a heart overflowing with inspiration. You see, these two weeks in Austin are important. They’re pure magic. Meeting so many people who are absolutely sold out to their passions, running hard after their dreams always sparks something deep within me. And this year, I really needed the spark. •⠀ Instead of making tons of plans for SXSW this year, I decided to pick a couple things I wanted to do and just go for it –– roll with the punches, follow the wind, and see where it took me. And it took me to beautiful places. Not only did I connect with beautiful people, but I connected deeply with myself. Over the course of these days, my eyes were opened to some deep truths about myself: I’m a connector. I’m an adventurer. I’m a free spirit. I’m a friend to many. I’m a revealer of beauty. I’m a renaissance woman. And I don’t fit in a box. •⠀ For a long time, I’ve been afraid of my own potential –– scared of what could happen if I actually let myself be abandoned to my passions. Afraid of the power I walk in, afraid of being successful, afraid of owning my talents and letting myself go for it, full on. What would manifest if I actually went all-in on creating, and living out the calling on my life? What would it look like if I made the things I wanted to make, not caring what people thought? What could happen if I actually showed up consistently, took myself seriously, and unashamedly owned my gifts and talents? •⠀ I don’t have the answers to all these questions today, but I’m pretty excited to discover them in the days ahead. Thanks for inspiring me, new friends. The time is now, y’all. Let’s go! 🤘🏻 •⠀ photo cred to @oliverbanyard for several of these, plus @capturedbymgl for the first shot 📷 so many talented pals 16 ♡ 4 ✍ March 20