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Switched up the color palette a bit with this two day painting, inspired by some really excellent coffee packaging design from a favorite Austin coffee vendor, @gg_roasting. — I thought it’d be interesting to share how I figure out where to place the shadows on my knot paintings so I made this video for you! It’s pretty simple - I take a photo of the painting, then open it in the @pixelmatorapp, delete the background, then use the shadow function to play with the shadows’ depth and position. — I’m not entirely satisfied with the process because the program treats the knot as one flat surface instead of a three dimensional sculptural object, which I think flattens it out a bit. Since I’m not actually looking at a physical object when I paint, it’s hard to know exactly how the shadows would behave in the real world, but hopefully the illusion holds up nonetheless. I feel like I need to learn some animation skills to be able put the knots on a three dimensional plane and then add shadows from there. Or if anyone out there has other suggestions, I’d be really curious to know how you’ve resolved this or similar problems! I think I’d be able to adjust the shadows for depth in a simpler piece like this but in the more complex ones I think it would be rather daunting... — #wip #knots #knotart #knottheory #mathandart #knotpainting #ribbonpainting #ribbonart #knots #knotart #acrylicart #acrylicpainting #abstractart #abstractpainting #abstractrealism #shadows #addingshadows #paintingshadows #contemporaryart #austinartist #austinart #texasartist 30 ♡ 3 ✍ March 20