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“I guess it scares some, that others can accept themselves so fully. It's as if someone else loving themselves speaks even more to the scared persons insecurities” I knew that all too well and still have moments when I have negative thoughts. But why do we have such an urge to constantly compare ourselves? To feel worse or better? Wrong or right - we started that sometime. But where is it written that something is not up to standard? None of this matters. When I say I eat vegan most people automatically feel attacked in their lifestyle and want to justify themselves just to hide their own insecurities. I did not describe anyone as bad, nor did I criticize his lifestyle/nutrition. I always say -  live and let live. We must come to a point where we simply accept and respect the opinions of others. When it comes to the subject of self-love, just because someone says that he/she feels good and beautiful in his/her skin, that person doesn't want others to feel bad about it, but just to be an example of what everyone can achieve. Because that's the way it's supposed to be. So many people (especially women) do not feel comfortable in their skin, are unhappy and let their lives be determined by their appearance. If you notice that something is not doing you any good - is it a specific food, an instagram account to which you only compare yourself, an item of clothing in which you feel uncomfortable or even friends who don't do you good, then have the courage and leave it. It won't help you and won't make you happy. · Sorry for this explosion of words but I have so many things in my mind. I wish you a wonderful day, your Hannah 💛 #instayoga #yogi #yogagirl #germanyogis #dowhatyoulove #inspireothers #loveyourself #namaste #getonyourmat #takecareofyourself #inhaleexhale #yoga #findwhatfeelsgood #yogaeverydamnday #hanassoul #yogaismymedicine #letsstartyoga #inhaleexhale #focusonthegood #love #spreadlove #selflove #acceptance #trust #bethankful #gratitude #gratitudedaily #quotes 1 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22