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And just like that - I’m booked out! ⠀ And you guys. You know how they tell you to “let it be easy”? ⠀ They’re totally fucking right. ⠀ Trigger Warning: After reading this post, you will either end up wanting to get into my fucking zone or wanting to unfollow me. ⠀ I spent a long time working my fucking ass off. Every hour of the day, strategizing, creating, socializing, queuing up Pins and Posts and Tweets and emails - all while I was making next to nothing. I was getting by - barely. ⠀ And to be totally honest, I felt like a failure for a long time. I struggled with the imposter syndrome and the dreaded no-show discovery calls. ⠀ It took making a completely unreasonable, illogical decision to invest in a high-level coaching program - as well as some other major personal factors - to make the real decision to take my business seriously. ⠀ And not just my business - but my LIFE. ⠀ Because settling in my professional life was the trickle down effect of all that other “who am I?” bullshit story I’d been telling myself in all the other areas of my life, too. ⠀ It’s all connected. ⠀ Well - I’m proud to say, after 3 months of EFFORTLESSNESS, of letting my life be easy, of honing into my intuition, of following my Human Design, of tracking my astrological transits and mapping my business out according to all of this, I’m completely booked out right now - and I have signed enough contracts this month to cover rent for over a year. ⠀ $28,000 in sales, over $6,000 in cash for the month of March. ⠀ And it was EASY. ⠀ The easiest thing I’ve ever done. ⠀ And what’s even fucking better? ⠀ I love every single second of what I do. And my clients love me back. ⠀ I’m a fucking rockstar - so THEY are fucking rockstars. ⠀ They see my energy, and they want a piece of it. ⠀ Well! Energy is all tapped out until May! ⠀ I do have some slots open weekly for single sessions - but if you want to make a massive shift like me, get fucking #AlignedAF, and decide to live your best fucking life, unapologetically - make sure you fill out an application for 1:1 coaching when a spot opens up in May. ⠀ I just wanna see you win, babe. ⠀ xx Tiffani // 📷: @acbabor 24 ♡ 3 ✍ March 24