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PIMPLES? DEEP ACNES? DARK UNDERARMS? PIMPLE MARKS? UNEVEN SKINTONE? HAGGARD? MINIMIZES PORES, ROUGH SKIN? PALE SKIN? STRESS? etc. Try My secret for BEAUTIFUL YOU! ❤️ - "LUXXE WHITE ENHANCED GLUTATHIONE" Reasons Why LUXXE WHITE ENHANCED GLUTATHIONE is better than any other Whitening supplement. 🏆2011-2017 YEARLY AWARDED AS THE NO. 1 MOST EFFECTIVE WHITENING FOOD SUPPLEMENT!!! 🔹Enhanced type meaning no need for booster. 🔹1 bottle contains 60 capsules,775 mg per capsule 🔹Guaranteed 100% Made in Ontario California USA. 🔹 TESTED under the rigorous rules and procedures set by NNFAcGMP, cGLP , FDA , US STATE and US Federal Health Departments. 🔹MASTER ANTI-OXIDANT 🔹HALAL APPROVED 🔹 SEAL OF QUALITY AWARD 🔹 AWARDED GLOBAL BRAND 🔹 FDA APPROVED 🔹Good for drinkers & smokers 🔹Remove pimples, blemishes, scars and other skin problems. 🔹DETOXIFY KIDNEY, LIVER & LUNGS and other organs. 🔹 Clinically tested to be easily absorbed by the body, as compared ro regular glathione. 🔹 BETTER THAN OTHER GLUTATHIONE 🔹 LUXXE WHITE ENHANCED GLUTATHIONE ACCELERATOR therefor it encourages your body to produce its own Glutathione naturally. (Which is very good and helpful) 🔹Makes your skin even more whiter, Healthier inside and out and makes your skin flawless. 🔹Many celebrities uses this as there daily dose of beauty secret. 🔹Recommended by doctors. 🏆SEE RESULT AS EARLY AS 2WEEKS!! - 📲For orders/inquiries: Viber/whatsapp/sms: 0927-492-7981 #LuxxeWhite #Whitening #Glutathione #Indemand #mosteffective #Skincare #Glowingskin #kinisartistaskin #Mosteffective #PimpleProblem #AcneProblem #Unevenskintoneproblem #darkspotproblem #tryluxxewhite #getrid #Beautyskin #Healthyskin #Skinwhite #LuxxeWhitePH #luxxewhiteworldwide #luxxewhiteinternational 2 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24

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ISHIGAKI (TM) AMINO PREMIUM WHITE (AMINO ACID BLEND) FOOD SUPPLEMENT 850mg. 30 capsules = FDA FR 141879 (formerly known as Ishigaki Premium Glutathione Blend) Unique custom-blend of Glutathione Tri- Peptide and essential amino acids were carefully formulated not just for skin lightening but as well as for the total wellness of the skin, hair, nails & bones. It helps repair damaged cells from free radical stresses and aids in attaining a healthy, smooth and fairer skin. This amino acid blend formula is simply a mixture of the 7 free form amino acids. The purpose of this blend is to make all seven amino acids readily available so the body can make Glutathione as needed. An adequate supply of Vitamin C and B6 should always accompany any glutathione supplementation. Beautiful skin, firm nails and shiny hair are certainly symbols for health and natural beauty…to delay the aging process, a supply of certain amino acids/nutrients is important. The right amino acid blend acts like repair treatment from within. The importance of amino acid supplies nutrients to nourish the skin, hair and nails from within the body thus keeps the skin luminous white, smooth and elastic, with strong shiny hair and firm nails. “Where Beauty Comes from Pure Quality” (Your Total Skin & Body Wellness, Beauty in a capsule) BEST ORAL SKIN WHITENING SUPPLEMENT Safety sealed cap with ISHIGAKI print. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS #ishigakiadvanced #ishigakiclassic #ishigaki #gluta #glutathione #ishigakiph #glutaph #skincare #gluta #glutathioneph #glutaworks #ishigaki #ishi #tationil #glutax #tad #tatiomax #tagsforfollowers #glutathione #skinnydetox #whiteningtoothpasteph #beautyandwellness #beautysecret #collagen #glutafit 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 24