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I don't know what he will remember most about fourth grade, but I will never forget today; when his teacher jumped on the classroom desks to make sure every single eye was on him as he told them about slavery and that under no circumstance should a human being be treated this way. I'll never forget when he had them (gently) throw their history books on the ground and tell them how America got it all wrong. Becoming his mother ten years ago required of me a commitment to learn about and engage in a history and race I was ignorant of. It required emotional support on a subject I knew little about...Only that I had to help my son grow up African American in a country who from the start, has never had his best interest at heart. Recently I read that until social media came along, the United States had managed to push racism under the surface, where white men and women had the privilege of assuming it rare. But then smart phones began catching disturbing videos. Facebook Live broadcasted police brutality, and slowly what was once dormant found resuscitation. My beautiful kids and yours are now growing up in a media saturated world where ignorance can no longer be unfortunate bliss. Right now strangers mostly find my black son charming and lovable, but I worry how they will feel in ten years. When they see him at the mall being loud with his friends or even wearing a hoodie. When he touches things in their stores. When he applies for their jobs or dates their daughters. Did you know that mothers of black sons worry about these things? Did you know it took me becoming the mother of a black son to realize they did? I'm so grateful that my transracial family has brought with it an awareness that allows me to continue to root out systematic racism from my own subconscious. But listen. It does not take becoming a mother of a black child to examiine your own heart and habits and challenge your own subconscious biases. Educate yourself by reading the uncouncomfortable, have the hard conversations with your kids. Jump on their desks even, to get their attention when you tell them that we've done it all wrong and we need them to help us make it right. 614 ♡ 134 ✍ March 20