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our concert for the 10th anniversary of ‘women in music’ was a brilliant success on wednesday evening! @grace_music_42, @theollydixon and i all helped our teacher organise and arrange the event for probably a couple of months prior and it was often difficult and stressful but honestly it was so rewarding too! i can be quite an anxious person in certain situations but regardless - organising things such as the raffle made me push myself to approach people about it whether it made me nervous or not. it was often stressful on top of preparing for my grade 8 exam which was the day before, but i’m so glad i was as involved as i was! it was brilliant to see everything come together at last and host such an amazing event for talented musicians from all over the county as well as raising funds for the charity - ‘sightsavers’ for the blind! my own performance went well as far as i remember aha! i tend to zone out when i play and just let it happen but my accompanist has said i did well so i’m very pleased!! i performed cassadó’s sérénade😊 it was absolutely lovely to meet some of the people i did and get to see my friends from outside of school and see them all perform so incredibly!! i had such a fun night with all the lovely lovely people involved and my teacher even brought me, grace and olly on stage to give us easter eggs for our help which i wasn’t expecting at all!😂overall it was a wonderful, wonderful night i’m so glad i participated in and it wasn’t even over before we were talking about doing it even bigger and even better next year!!! thankyou everybodyyy who took part i had a blast and i’m so proud of us all♥️ 32 ♡ 4 ✍ March 23