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WHY YOU SHOULD BE CHARITABLE WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE . Other people will want in on your intellectual property and unique ideas, if they’re any good. People will ask you questions about what they perceive you to be good at and you’ll need to make a decision of how much you tell them. You may hold some information closer to heart than other less important knowledge, and may not want to expose information which gives you a competition advantage over others. This article will argue for the dissemination of your full knowledge if it is asked of you, as long as it does not directly put you or others in harm’s way. Being charitable with what you know has effects which are easy to overlook when we feel a competitive desire to hold onto information that only we possess. Questions will run through your mind about how the information you’re about to give will benefit the person asking, and how it will be of detriment to you. Placing such importance on the information that you possess stunts your intellectual growth by forcing you to always keep tabs on your knowledge. Be lenient with the knowledge you posses, and focus on discovering new lessons in the world around you. Below are two reasons why you should be charitable with your knowledge from a self-improvement perspective. By Improving Others (Even Enemies) You’ll Improve Yourself . People will ask you for your knowledge when they expect it to improve their understanding of the world around them. They’ll ask you questions on how you achieved success, and what your thoughts are on various aspects of life. Be willing to make people better through the knowledge that you spread, and do not hold it hostage inside one single mind. By improving others you’ll improve your ability to develop new knowledge and test your prior ideas against what is true. You’ll be challenged at times, and will wonder why you bothered letting your information out to others. Do not be discouraged, and keep improving the way you think and interact with those around you. Continued at: http://influenceadvice.com/2018/03/20/why-you-should-be-charitable-with-your-knowledge/ 17 ♡ 2 ✍ March 24

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Goodness! I almost forgot my Day 24, #marchmeetthemaker post and I’m not going to give up now lol... I’ve almost made it through the whole month! 🙌🏼 Today’s prompt: *Achievements*. This topic is a little hard to approach, because I have a different view maybe than some others, and that’s ok! . . I could sit here and list some pretty cool and incredible opportunities that have come from this journey of mine that, don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for and still pinch myself about, but I think my greatest achievement honestly, is that up to this point, I’ve gotten to do what I love and share my art with y’all for the past 2 & 1/2 years, everyday. That the leap of faith I took to pursue this path has fulfilled and surpassed everything I hoped it would be. That I’ve learned that when I love what I have, that that is everything! Achievements don’t have to be how many followers you have, how “successful” others think you may be, how many accolades or how much recognition you’ve received. These things are certainly exciting, commendable and worth celebrating, but I think more importantly, is that it’s about YOU and the hard work you’ve put forth to earn some sort of progress with each waking day, personally or professionally. Growth, wisdom and learning, and the ability to move forward no matter what obstacles you are faced with is an achievement we should all be proud of. I applaud you because you’vevmade it to where you are right now in life and THAT says a lot. . . Thank you for sharing in this journey with me... I am so so grateful for you! 💕💕💕. . . #cariscanvas #woodsigns #paintwhatyoulove #makersgonnamake #etsyshop #dreambig #lovewhatyoudo #workhard 13 ♡ 0 ✍ March 25

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 💚 Here’s my story! #mywhy So... I am almost 29 years old! I have been working since the age of 12! I was brought up, being taught that INDEPENDENCE is important! Also family is IMPORTANT! I have been working more than half my life, one thing my mom always dreamed of was being successful and traveling! She always told me... it’s ok babygirl one day we won’t have to worry! From that day on I stuck to my mom like no other... weather it be that I worked double to pay her bills, get her whatever she wanted.. and then some. We spent a good portion on time in the streets and moving... a lot! Now, that my mother has passed that is all I CAN THINK OF! I think of my mom every day, when I wake up.. and tell myself that it’s just ONE DAY AT A TIME! From being a addict, suicidal, and just pathetic.. I have turned my life completely around and continue to push forward into being the best I can be, FOR MY MOTHER! ❤️ I no longer wish to live paycheck to paycheck, I want to gain freedom, and I want to be THE BEST I CAN BE! #icandoit Without working 60+ hours a week, without stressing over Bills, without worrying and worrying some more... without the burden OF WORKING FOR OTHER PEOPLES DREAMS! ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE MY OWN! #dreambig #youareworthit I want to pursue my dreams, make my wishes come true! And most importantly LIVE IN MY MOTHERS MEMORY DOING ALL SHE WANTED TO DO.. AND MORE! It’s been a rough year, come April 26.. it’ll be a YEAR since my life has change FOREVER. I have more than plenty of reasons to be discouraged, to be depressed, to be STAGNANT! BUT I WONT BE! #powerofpositivity #powerofprayer God has a great plan for me! And I trust him enough to let go of the wheel! #thisiswhy I took the leap, I made some sacrifices, left doubt behind and STARTED MY LITTLE BUSINESS!❤️💋😆 I have all the faith in myself that I will, be successful! I don’t care what it takes, how much it costs! I WILL DO IT! #dontstandstill #letssucceedtogether I advise every one of you reading! #dowhatmakesyouhappy Pursue your dreams! #anythingispossible Stop allowing people bring you down, tell you you can’t, and LET THE HATE! #haterswillalwayshate ❤️👍🏽💚😍🤩🌸💪 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 25