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And we are (vegans) extremists ? Killing is crime 👆 Repost: @blissfulvegan.s: "Graphic- I witnessed a murder today. I walked into the depths of hell and i saw the devil's work first hand. I went undercover today at a live market with Katerina TraVazzo and what we saw was nothing short of traumatizing. I warn you this isn't easy to watch, but very necessary. We walked into the basement of Twelve Baskets inc. Slaughter house located at 131-57 Fowler ave. in Flushing Queens. We were there undercover documenting health code violations for the DAY OF ACTION - Slaughterhouse Tour. And this is what we encountered. How can these people stand around and watch as if it were entertainment 🤷🏽‍♂️ One of the men had his young son with him running around. Right before the killing the man asks where his son was so that he may watch. If you eat animals I hope you get diseases from them💯. Loser ass humans are quick to say vegans think they're holier than thou. But the fact is that it's YOU MEAT EATERS that think you are holier than thou. Because you think you're so special that you get to have living beings murdered just so you can eat a meal. Why are you so special that you think you can have sentient beings murdered with no regard or accountability😡. What i saw today only makes me want to fight harder for animals. The first man has a pole with handles jammed in the cows mouth so that he may control the neck movement of the cow, it also prevents the cow from being able to cry out. What happens next is 💔. At the very least i hope you meat eaters have the decency to watch this vid and see EXACTLY what it is you are paying for. What did you think? Did you think the meat just magically showed up in your supermarket shelves wrapped in plastic. After you watch this video ask yourself what will you buy to eat tomorrow? - Facebook #vegan #whyvegan #meat #steak #eggs #veal #beef #pork #sausage #bacon #endslaughter #endcruelty #endmurder #animalsarenotourstouse #animalsarenotfood #compassion #empathy #equality #befairbevegan" (via #InstaRepost @EasyRepost) 0 ♡ 0 ✍ March 20