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On this day (21 March) in 1556, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer was burnt at the stake at St. Mary’s Church, Oxford. Cranmer was, of course, the man who had in 1533 secured for Henry VIII an end to his ‘Great Matter’, pronouncing his union with Anne Boleyn to be valid and his marriage to Catherine as null. Three years before his execution in 1556, he and four others had been brought to trial for treason and heresy under Mary I. He was imprisoned in Bocardo prison for seventeen months before, under papal jurisdiction, his trial took place in September 1555. It was not until December that Rome pronounced that Cranmer’s fate should be decided and ruled by a secular authority, depriving him of the archbishopric. When the circumstances of his imprisonment changed, it seems in a last effort to save himself from certain death Cranmer recanted his Protestant faith. But on the day of his execution, Cranmer stood up and renounced his earlier recantations, much to the shock of onlookers. He was promptly seized off of the pulpit and dragged outside towards the scaffold. There, according to John Foxe, the English martyrologist, Cranmer ‘knelt down briefly to pray then undressed to his shirt, which hung down to his bare feet. His head, once he took off his caps, was so bare there wasn't a hair on it. His beard was long and thick, covering his face, which was so grave it moved both his friends and enemies. As the fire approached him, Cranmer put his right hand into the flames, keeping it there until everyone could see it burned before his body was touched’. #history #tudors #tudorhistory #england #mary #anneboleyn #henryviii #today #wednesday #oxford #rome #queen #queens #study #university #college #followforfollow #follow4follow 17 ♡ 0 ✍ March 21