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“Comin at me wit the feminine jealousy Somethin they see is I'm killin it hellishly Relish me, Makin these suckas all yell at me Duckin the dumb shit they tellin or sellin me stealin the game and I'll take it to hell with me Spittin this heavenly Blessed All their necks are set They waitin to bleed I'm cuttin em clean Never play nicely I'm fuckin your scene I am the idol that you wish to be The one that they speak of The voice in the trees Y'all jus like poison Its toxic to me Wit ya Negative vision and boyish fatigue. Maybe im lackin in melanin, brothas are feelin the things I been tellin em Caught in a trance, I put a spell on ‘em Everyone haters, they havin a sale on em Make an advance and I’m puttin a shell in em speakin to deaf men They feel I'm compellin em Killin the syllables How I been spittin leave holes in your ventricles Seizin’ your heart now you dead from the start Ya bars is diluted I’ll tear ‘em apart- This ain’t in your favor We ain’t the same So savor the flavor You Sugar free fakers Are Decaffeinated Faking the flavor I am the greater Decapitator Sever the head Save it for later Cut through the shit Like scissors on paper My name buzzin No light saber Try to cut me and I’m rockin you haters Makin em choke vodka, no chaser Make ya throat burn, Grip of Vader Stare in the mask and Meet your maker” My new microphone broke so I am back to recording on my shitty one until I get my replacement in the mail. But he’s a little something something for you. #rap #bars #hard #hiphop #street #gnarly #alaska #ak #907 #underground #music 12 ♡ 0 ✍ March 22