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💓5 years 💓 Happy anniversary babe 💙 I can remember when I first met you and would think he'd never like me but you did and I had no idea how much my life was going to change when we met. But here we are today have made it 5 years together stronger every year. We have had so much fun going fishing🐠🦈🦐, you teaching me to shoot🔫, learning to cook a lot more, watching you work 👨‍🔧on things and trying to learn and help when I could, camping🏕️, concerts, hanging out with friends, family time, and just so much more can't name it all. We have had ups and downs through out the time but everyone does and each little thing has just built our relationship more and made us stronger. We have accomplished so much together. You were with me thru all of my college👩‍🎓, helped push me through all the rough times of it, me with you through your college for diesel🚜 and watching you learn and grow. We were a support system for each other. Having to have distance relationship when we didn't live together and you worked in different towns. Buying our land was a huge step for us to start really building our lives, building our little home that we can call ours with our two fur babies Kratos and Athena 🐶🐾 building our little farm up 😂 with our cows, 20 chickens 🐥 , and 4 ducks 🦆. We may not be perfect and have everything figured out but we work damn hard together to make sure we make it ok, we may have hard times but that's a part of life and we have our own home 🏡 and all the bills💵 and everything that comes with it so we are actually doing pretty good for ourselves. Also we've managed to put up with each other's shit and bad sides and good sides for this long 😂 we make a great team and I wouldn't want to build my life with anyone but you 💝 your definitely my rock and my other half I couldn't imagine life without you. You make it interesting and everything worth it.💑 I love you more than you'll ever know 😘 thank you for everything you do for us and more 💙 here's to another year of building our lives and having fun 🍻 @ryank199 #myrock #myotherhalf #couple #buildingourlife #StrongerTogether #love #5years #anniversary 13 ♡ 0 ✍ March 23