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The deep laws of nature do not depend on your belief of them. Life happens regardless of your story. Entrepreneur, Author - CARE Your Way to Clarity http://www.kassrose.com/

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We slow down our own consumption as we recognize that @kassmyway
We slow down our own consumption as we recognize that we have all we need and all of the stuff we keep buying is perpetuating this imbalance on the planet, does not fill us up. #wakeup #dothework #kundalini #globalawakening #selflove #selfawareness #selfacceptance #doyou #authenticity #rising #keepup @kassmyway
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March 13 2018
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TRUTH BOMB #2 - VIDEO SELFIES SUCK! “I don’t know if I could ever do that,” my boyfriend said after he watched a video I made confessing my need for new salespeople while on a chairlift up a snowy mountain. “Record on a chairlift?” I asked. “No, babe, talking into the camera makes me uncomfortable.” “No shit! Me too! But, you are excellent on film. You even get compliments from industry professionals.” I explained. “I’m okay in interview settings but talking to myself on camera is out of my comfort zone.” So why do we do it? Why do we turn the video camera on ourselves and show all our imperfections? Because we have a message and that message needs to be heard by as many people as possible and video storytelling just happens to be one of the easiest ways right now! Why not just a run an ad or write a blog? Well, because people are lazy (come on, we are) and video is easy to watch, skip, and share. But, my face looks funny! I need better lighting. I hate that scar on my face. I’m not wearing any makeup. My head looks big. My voice sounds funny. I’m fumbling with my words. I didn’t mean to say exactly that. I wonder if people are watching me while I film. Who records on a ski lift anyways? That’s weird. I’m weird. And the best one of all…. WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK? Ack! It’s freakin' vulnerable to turn the spotlight on ourselves especially since we are not trained actors and actresses (well I’m certainly not). But, here’s the thing….I do know that the more I do it, the better the odds I have of being seen, heard, and most importantly sharing my message with the world. (Well, my little world of opportunity and inspiration that I hope to grow.) So, I'm going to keep flipping that camera around on my video self, lose the self-doubt, and keep sharing. This world has far bigger problems than a chick on social media sharing her hopes, desires, and fears with the world. I'm certain everyone will come out alive even when we hit SEND instead of delete. #truthbomb #trust #trueyou #perception #observation #performance #POP #keepup 8 ♡ 0 ✍ March 14

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