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February 24 2018
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Month 3. Books 4//5 & 6 I went a bit mad over the last week and a bit and devoured three books on my carousel. All so different and all wonderfully written. 4. MEMOIRS OF A PORCUPINE by Alain Mabanckou (2012) read like a modern day African anansi tale. A little difficult to get in to at first but hits its stride soon enough. Detailing the trials and tribulations of one village at the mercy of a vindictive man with supernatural abilities. Told entirely from the perspective of the man's *double* a Porcupine (kind of like Pan from His Dark Materials or a Witches Familiar) who aids him in his misdemeanours, this is witty, sinister and cautionary. African literature at its best. // 5. THE FIRST BAD MAN by Miranda July has been on the book list since it came out. When Cheryl, a middle-aged fantasist and neurotic (😑), takes in her bosses 20yo imposing daughter, she becomes a victim in her own home... until they both find initial reprieve for their hidden desires in the most bizarre way. I can't say it was a great read... it was an odd one and I loved that in parts but in others found the oddities tiring and unnecessary. BUT everyone in this is weird and frustrating but inherently fun to read, like real people can be and that's what's so authentic about what July does. She's so observant of human interactions and her dialogue is so effortlessly silly and funny. Maybe it's because she's a visual storyteller that this read like an indie film.// 6.THE RUNNER I started reading Peter Mays books after I was asked to do a book report for a TV company. They didn't option it but I kept reading it. The Runner is the sixth book in an eight book series (so far) and I am still as hooked on this series as I was back in 2009. Peter May is a fantastic writer that it makes me so gassed and so dispondent about writing all at once. He's capacity for detail kills me. The Runner is part of May's "The China Thrillers" following a fiery bad ass American woman pathologist and a less than pro American Chinese, or anything out of China tbh, police detective as they solve murders around Beijing and in one book America. One of my fave book series. #books #read #yearofbooks #write #writing 8 ♡ 0 ✍ March 13

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