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Three years ago I was sitting on the couch in @beingisbeautiful
Three years ago I was sitting on the couch in my then MFT's office, when I first heard about Brene Brown's work on shame. Me, shame?! Oh, how'd you know? This was my entry point. I went straight to the book store and bought her book titled, The Gifts of Imperfection, and ravenously read the whole book in one day as if her words were piecing my heart and mind back together. It's because of her work that I finally understood myself emotionally (a little more), why I was soooo terrified to stay in my own skin, and what was at the root of my profound sense of disconnection. I didn't believe I was worthy or capable of diddly squat. But once I was aware of this belief and emotion -- I could move through it, acknowledge it, and stop it from DESTRUCTING my world unconsciously. Nothing like the cosmic 2X4 friends. We can't connect if we don't belong to ourselves first. We can't belong to ourselves if we don't love who we are. We can't love who we are if we haven't healed & integrated the pieces we try hard to forget & disown. From shame to seem. We go. Soooo...with that, accept where you are - get curious about how you got here and where you'd like to go, and lastly have compassion for where've you been and for making it here. You belong, just as you are. Promise. 💙#beingisbeautiful @beingisbeautiful
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February 18 2018
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dreamcreatebeliveloveinspire ig
💕💕💕Promise💕Beautiful dear heart 👸🙏
beingisbeautiful ig
beingisbeautiful Kylie 🌻 McBeath
• • • • • #love #life #passion #purpose #couple #truth #igers #instadaily #picoftheday #wordporn #motivation #inspiration #relationships #relationshipgoals #dreams #fit #fitness #fitspo #instamood #instagood #happy #beautiful #sad #breakup #wedding #quote #quotes #couplegoals #relationshipquotes
violetconner ig
violetconner Violet Conner
@beingisbeautiful this is how I felt when I read The Gifts Of Imperfection the first time. I need to read it again to show myself these things you talk about. Thank you for this reminder.🙌🏼
inspirarejc ig
inspirarejc Jen
Love Brené! Should be required reading for everyone!
mariondriver ig
mariondriver Marion
You are a precious badass !😄🌼💥... love these compassionate words, love rock star, BBrown✌ ... Grateful for this timing ... thank you 💫🙏💛
ms.blynn_ ig
ms.blynn_ Melissa Blynn📿
Acceptance is Tattood on my wrist my reminder
longdistancelovebombs ig
longdistancelovebombs Dr. Jeremy Goldberg
I love that you used ‘diddly squat’ in this. ❤️👏🏼😃
meesh_sd ig
meesh_sd Michelle DasGupta
So beautiful and so true ❤️
lisa._art._of._hair._ ig
lisa._art._of._hair._ #everybreathisagift
mens_sana_in_corpore_sano_ ig
Why everything is so on point but not for me.... but for the guy I was dating... He’s in the « self-sabotage » phase, I guess. He had a really toxic relationship before and always try to minimise what he has been through when talking about it, and feel ashamed of what happened... 😕
showmedemkitties ig
showmedemkitties KAT
Gotta love those cosmic 2x4s!
mens_sana_in_corpore_sano_ ig
@mindfulmft @radicalselflove @createthelove all of you been posting something similar to that or in that direction, and I wish the concerned person could see all of that... and thank you for your posts 💟
xvxwallflowerxvx ig
I’m reading that book now! So good 👌🏻
beingisbeautiful ig
beingisbeautiful Kylie 🌻 McBeath
@showmedemkitties right?!? Bamnm
beingisbeautiful ig
beingisbeautiful Kylie 🌻 McBeath
@ms.blynn_ ❤️❤️❤️
mo_westcoast ig
mo_westcoast Monique Miller Faulkner
Read the book myself and had to give to a friend. I love when an author can open your soul and make you want someone else to feel it too!
___karebear___ ig
___karebear___ .
sh0rtst_ff ig
sh0rtst_ff Elena
😭😭 I just bought this book because I’ve heard of you talk about her. I haven’t read it yet but man was this the universe or what ! #struggles #shame #thegiftsofimperfection
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wendyedenzeis Wendy Zeis


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I don’t know about you, but I thought I was always being “myself” — this whole notion of masks, protective mechanisms, or shell didn’t even occur to me until I legit got knocked off the track I was blindly giving permission to, to determine my whole life for me. Scary moment, when I stopped for the first time, and saw how the previous versions of me kept colliding with each other. One part of me on the gas pedal. Another part of me on the break. This internal conflict between the conscious mind (adult): I desire a healthy, honest & securely attached relationship. And the unconscious mind (inner child): don’t trust others, or let them get close because they will abandon you... See the conundrum here? That’s why for me this work isn’t just “work” - it’s a process, one that I now explore as an adventure instead of like a check-list at a personal development seminar. We don’t all show up 100% open, baring all of our raw spots up front. It takes trust to see truth. It takes acceptance and safety to blossom. It takes courage and compassion to peel back the layers. It takes dedication & kindness to meet the parts of you that feel alone, afraid and neglected. And one last thing, it takes time. So instead of wishing, wanting, or chasing — just be ok with the version that showed up today. Complete these sentences for yourself. 1. A feeling I associate with acceptance is.... 2. When I think about accepting all parts of myself, I feel... Explore you, beautiful. With an open heart and mind. #beingisbeautiful 1183 ♡ 17 ✍ March 20

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It’s a journey, girlfriend. Our patterns and loops of thought have been with us for a while now. And it’s these neural pathways & loops that brought us here. No need to judge, shame, and beat yourself up for not being where you think you should be. That self-blame & self-judgment just keeps digging a deeper groove for the loops of suffering to stay. So, the way through? Embrace the parts of you that are upset, that feel neglected, that are angry & frustrated, that desire more, that need to grieve — so that you can be here now. Instead ask yourself, “how am I feeling?” “If this fear/anger/sadness could speak, it would say?” Curiosity leads to clarity. Building a home within, requires we pull up our sleeves and do the emotional & soul work necessary to knock down the walls we’ve built around our inner child & hearts — so that we can build a new foundation. A foundation built on self-trust & honesty. A foundation built on the connection you have to yourself - your power - your Truth. A foundation that reaffirms the truth that you’re here, and you can stand up, speak up, and protect your vulnerable & beautifully alive essence. We all have the right to feel safe in our own skin. We all have a right to process the past so we can see with fresh eyes. We all are capable of coming back home to our bodies. Our feelings. Our desires. Our joy. || Looking to individuate & build a safer home within? Let’s journey home together — webinar info in bio 🤩 (lifetime recording access + more goodies) yeeee!! #beingisbeautiful 1286 ♡ 31 ✍ March 18

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For most of my life I would take spoonfuls of resentment down instead of choosing discomfort. Why?! Because I didn’t know what to do with the waves of emotions that rise when we feel into our own truth & I sure as heck didn’t want to set anyone else off. (Cosmic egg shells doesn’t make for a great GI situation, or calm space). You see, when we are disconnected from our core emotions (anger, sadness, fear, excitement) we tend to hang out in our defenses & fall prison to the stories that increase our anxiety - shame - and guilt. It’s time to flip that script, and move towards a new way of being. A more authentic - open-hearted and honest way of being. Whenever we are changing up our MO - how we do life, and what our boundaries, limits are - it’s for sure going to rock the boat. No matter what the old line was, or even if you didn’t have any lines (boundaries) — you can put a new one in place. Say to yourself, “YES - finally you’re honoring yourself & putting down some truth, I’m starting to trust you now...” Challenging what has been “ok & acceptable” for you, takes guts. Because we have to soothe all the parts of us that are throwing up their hands in fear of losing others and staying safe. We have to remind these parts that we are coming home to them. That we are safe. That we don’t have to hide out behind walls & defenses because we now have the tools to honor, and set some new ground rules. You are allowed to be you. To have your own ideas, emotions, boundaries, identity and all. Discomfort returns us home, resentment carries us further away from it. And you are more than capable of taking the path home. #beingisbeautiful 1465 ♡ 29 ✍ March 15

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We’re good at putting others, partners, parents, authority figures, etc on pedestals. (Or is that just me??) I’m good at using this tool, to keep me small & sitting in the safety of same. For fear of not being like X, or for getting it wrong, or for not being a great coach, writer, girlfriend, etc. And guess what?!? Your partners don’t want to be on a pedestal either. That pressure or delusion doesn’t promote authenticity or vulnerability. It’s not fun!! Why? Because relationships are built on mutuality. Human 2 human relating. When we place ourseleves above or below someone — especially in relationships or in family dynamics, we are fueling the shame story — and avoiding feeling it. And what happens when the pressure builds? When the expectations become too much? When those people we placed on the pedestals of perfection fall? The illusion goes with it. Everything we projected onto them (safety, security, protector) diminishes — and they become human, just like you and me. So no matter where you sit - above, below, or same - tune in to your motivation for putting others or standing on these pedestals. What do they have that you believe you don’t? (Untangle thissss) You’re good just as you are, flaws and all. Come back home. And take a seat with the rest of us & give yourself permission to be real. Interested in gaining some tools to understand, identify and untangle this pattern?? Click the link in my bio, and join The Journey Home Webinar & more! Xx #beingisbeautiful 1392 ♡ 18 ✍ March 15

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(You know I love a good visual) >> Integration doesn’t happen because you believe something to be true. Sorry friends, that’s called magical thinking — and while that’s chill, it’s takes a little more than a magic wand to make thoughts a reality. This graphic depicts the journey from thoughts >> words >> action >> emotion >> integration / embodiment. And guess where many of us start to feeeeeeel overwhelm?! Stuck?! Scared? Yep, that water element. The waves of emotion. And for good reason — many of us aren’t given a tool box to process, understand or express our emotional world into words. We are emotionally stunted and that can be terrifying space to be in — especially bc the mind isn’t one for losing control or experiencing any uncertainty. Which is exactly what our emotions are — until we name them, identify them, breathe into them, express them, experience them, and hold them in our hearts to be felt & acknowledged. We have all experienced trauma and pain (big T trauma & small t trauma) — and we’ve all learned how to cope with it. But have we learned how to move through it and release it — so we can find safety in our bones again?! So we can say yes to the life our heart desires without sabotaging the whole damn thing. When we aren’t integrated, we don’t feel safe. Fair. We’ve got an inner conflict taking place — and that drainssss us. So, if you’re ready to come back home - into your skin, click the link in my bio and journey with me - as we take some steps back home. To all of you. ❤️ #beingisbeautiful brilliance by: @anahataananda graphic for @zurahealth by @ashleyredican 325 ♡ 10 ✍ March 13

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Clean anger is pure. It’s the adaptive emotional response & impulse to protect yourself. To assert yourself & your needs if you need to. To set boundaries, and stand tall. Now, here’s the kicker - clear anger is fierce compassion in action, whereas aggression plays the shame, blame and thrash other people’s boundary systems kinda game. Clean anger shows us that we can stay connected and protected. Aggression shows us what it looks like when we are disconnected yet protected. Aggression is the avoidance of anger. The avoidance of vulnerability. The avoidance of the deeper hurt. The avoidance of what’s real - that it hurts when people treat us in ways that aren’t kind, and respectful. Because of earlier moments in our lives and social conditioning many of us have coded “anger” as bad, wreckless, less than, etc. and many of us have had experiences with others where aggression and rage have been modeled to cement this disconnection in even stronger. However, it’s time to untangle the wires around the relationship we have to our own anger. Notice, what happens in your body when you’re angry, frustrated, etc. how do you respond or react to this impulse? Does anxiety, guilt, and shame push it down - or does it take a turn outwards and transform into blame or shame (or perhaps inwards) — take notice, and get curious. Your ability to tune in and prioritize your emotional experiences will be a GAME-changer here. Clean anger protects and connects us deeper to ourselves, and to others. It provides us with an internal sense of safety because we know that we can count on ourselves to protect the parts of us that once couldn’t stand up or set boundaries. It’s time to ignite that fire, and give yourself permission to have your voice, feelings, needs, and desires. Everything shifts when we feel the fire, the confidence - when our inner protective parent & empowered adult rises. #beingisbeautiful 1057 ♡ 29 ✍ March 13

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The Journey Home: From Lost to Found Webinar || March, 28th || Details in bio 💃|| • It hurts my heart to see and feel into the version of myself that felt she needed to please and be this girl, that girl, be this way, act that order to be loved, and accepted. I see her. And I know she didn’t know what to do to feel safe in her emotional attachments - so she did what she always did - she blended in. She let go of what was left, in order to maintain any sort of connection. This pattern and play hurts hearts. Because it’s not real. And let’s be clear, it’s a survival strategy — you don’t really want to walk around being someone else — but you’re scared shitless that if someone sees you for who you truly are than you won’t belong. That they won’t accept and love that part, or this one because ________ didn’t. And either did ________. And so how does this play out? We can’t trust them...because we can’t trust ourselves. Do you follow me here? If we can’t be authentic than we can’t trust them, because we aren’t giving them an opportunity to see us & choose us - fully. So we stack evidence in the corner of, but if you really see me than you would leave. For me, having needs and wants was not even an option in relationship. You see I had one foot on the gas saying, “you can’t lose yourself in your relationship because you know where that leads - so be you, speak up, share your truth.” And another foot on the break saying, “you’re not allowed to have needs & wants - do whatever you need to to please him bc that equals safety & security.” And let me tell you that break pedal runs deeeeep. Generations deep. See what happens when we don’t have intimacy with the parts of us that hold onto emotional scars? We get stuck. We get stagnant. We cling harder or run faster. We bleed out. We revert back into the minds and bodies of a hurting version of ourselves. But, we don’t have to stay here for long or play this out for the rest of our days. We can integrate, understand, and grab the tools we need to clear the clutter, and make room for authentic connection. It all starts with naming it. The rest rolls from here. Responsibility. Who is with me? #beingisbeautiful 1194 ♡ 45 ✍ March 12

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What’s your relationship to conflict or tension? What’s your relationship to anger? Are you able to assert your needs, ask for space & honor your voice? For me, the answer to these questions have been drastically shifting. From a disassociated no (with giant walls) to an embodied & integrated yes. Now, don’t get me wrong that didn’t happen because I flipped a switch in my head and wrote a new script. Quite the contrary. I had to get intimate with the parts of me that were terrified of anger, tension and conflict — before I could welcome the parts of me that were mad & frustrated to join the game. The adult me was like, yeah — of course you can ask for what you want, set boundaries, and challenge what you’re not stoked on....but let me tell you a younger me was like you better calm down chick & run fast. Why? Because conflict & anger were coded as dangerous. And since I didn’t know how to soothe or honor the scared little girl, I did what she always did and hid. Good news my can now do the work to untangle these old memories by honoring them. By feeling into and releasing what has been. Get curious when one part is saying, “Hell YES,” and the other part is saying, “Run. Freeze.” Honor these parts, acknowledge them, and I promise you that safety will find it’s way back into your heart. Because, what the adult knows, the child may not yet. Remind her/him. With love. With care. With fierce compassion. 💕 #beingisbeautiful 1226 ♡ 20 ✍ March 11

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Self-love isn't just a surface game, it's soul deep. Consciously, most of us claim that we love ourselves. But how many of us actually believe that?? I know I thought I did....but I really didn't. I realize that many of us have this unconscious fear that if someone truly saw us than we wouldn't be loved or that we don't deserve to be loved. The truth is, for a long time I thought I loved myself - I was the sunshine rainbows and butterflies chick....consciously, that is. What I didn't realize was that I had unconscious programs that made me feel afraid, insecure, and super dependent. I didn't think I was whole. Enough. Strong. Looking back on it now, I don't necessarily recognize the person I was because the person I was didn't even know who she was. It felt as if I was walking around trying to be the person we all think we need to be to be loved. Newsflash. If we don't honor ourselves and give ourselves this love no one will give it to us. So what's blocking us?!! Well first things first...stop seeking your fulfillment in the familiarity. Misery or suffering doesn't have to be your normal. The relationships. The job. The world around you. Instead, check in...if I believed I was good enough, worthy enough and lovable would this person be in my life?!? Would I be choosing this job? City? Life? This shift occurs when we decide to choose Faith & trust over fear. How do we shift?? We stop. We breathe. We become aware of the unconscious programming that makes us feel less than or unworthy. And we start to upgrade our thoughts. Our friends. Our habits. Our lives. When you decide to live life on your own choose a path only written for you, by you. The one where you know you're not alone. One filled with power. Courage. And insane amounts of love. It all begins within, so tune in & get real with your beautiful self. If you are willing to look deep will find that you are love. It's you. And always will be. Unconditionally, 🌻 #beingisbeautiful 1000 ♡ 49 ✍ March 9

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