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My first day following my #ironman1406 #training plan.  Swimming, @mrbadrawyruns
My first day following my #ironman1406 #training plan. Swimming, for me, is my weakest strength... I woke up early to get to the swimming baths but constantly tried to put it off. “I’m not good at it”, I said. “I’ll never get better”, I told myself. But then I remembered... I ran the London #marathon in 5hrs and 40 minutes... now I’m running marathons in just over 3 hours. This change didn’t happen overnight, it took #time, it took practice and it took #effort. With that little reminder, I jumped in the car, drove to the baths and swam the structured workout my trainer gave me and yes, I did it slowly, the #technique still needs work but I did it! Next time, I might do better but I’ll only know by trying. I’m now looking forward to my next session... I’m not a great swimmer, I’m not even good... but, with #time and #effort... I will #improve and that’s all that I can hope for @mrbadrawyruns
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January 14 2018
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As my #training increases over the coming weeks and my work schedule also increases it’s been harder to hit my training targets... I’ve missed a couple of training days and fallen behind in my schedule. My #goal - a full #ironman1406 in Emilia-Romagna on September 22nd and to complete it in 11 hours or under! It’s easy to say “I have plenty of time...” or “it doesn’t matter, you can train tomorrow” and although this is true I have realised, that for me, getting out of the habitual process of doing something daily really knocks my confidence. Before I became #sober I would say these things... “it’s okay you drank today, tomorrow you won’t” but I did! I hated myself for it and found myself drinking again, the pain of being unable to do what I set out to do would make me #sad and so I would pick up the bottle again and again. Here I am, having to look at my training and realising those old thought processes are coming back - telling myself it’s okay not to train, but that just isn’t true! I need to train. Today, I’m #running a race in #greyton - a #halfmarathon in the hills and mountains of the area. I woke up telling myself I could just not do the #race and simply sight see... it’s time once more to take control of my thoughts, to beat away that old voice and show it I want to #run I want to #acheive and most of all I want to beat my goal and to do that I MUST train. . . . . . . . . . . . #tri #tritraining #mentalhealth #soberliving #believeinyourself #keepgoing #runner #cycle #swim #swimbikerun #ironman703 #smashyourgoals #winning #mindfullness #mentalhealthawareness #staystrong #marathon #swimbikerunrepeat #getoutside 87 ♡ 4 ✍ March 18

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So, today was a bad day! Or was it? Let’s break this down. Today I woke up early and drove an hour to where my swim race is taking place, only to find that it’s actually to be raced tomorrow. I drove back and decided that I should ride instead. I had some breakfast then went to my apartment, popped my cycle gear on and ride what was supposed to be a 4 hour bike ride. Within 20 minutes I was having gear issues, 40 minutes and the gear cable slipped leaving me in one gear... begrudgingly I rode back. On arrival to my apartment I bumped into my friend @shellymcd and we went to have a late lunch. The service was slow and I knew I had to get to the gym to ride for a workout. We got the bill and I headed to the gym only to find it was closing earlier. I rode the indoor bike but only managed a 65 minute session instead of 90. I then was supposed to do a 15 minute run but, annoyed with the day only did 10. So, when focussing on the training aspect of my day, yeah it was bad... but these are moments and only small moments. To clarify, I woke up early so I saw the sun rise, I arrived at the swim venue and yes, it was closed but it was beautiful and I know where it is for tomorrow and will take my trail shoes to run in the hills that I drove through afterwards. My breakfast was amazing! The bike ride was short, but it was enjoyable. I wouldn’t have had lunch with Michelle had my ride not been made short. I got to the gym late... but I had a fantastic chocolate dessert so that’s probably why. You see, it’s never a bad day, it’s just some bad moments in a day. If you only focus on those bad moments then of course your day will feel bad but, I think you’ll find that, when you look around the bad moments, there are probably just as many good if not more, so... shift your focus to them and smile 😃 89 ♡ 7 ✍ February 17

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