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Food for thought: Nothing changes if you do not make @kind.mindful.real
Food for thought: Nothing changes if you do not make the effort to change it. ~ You have a choice. Everyday you wake up, you have a choice. That choice may not be easy and some days it may feel unbearable to make. It is uncomfortable, and it takes time. Time. That word that we all shy away from because we don’t seem to have enough of it. The time for you to change something is right now. It can be simple and small, or absolutely life changing. Just start somewhere. Keep changing even when it’s the last thing you want to do. But more importantly, take your time doing it. Slow down. @kind.mindful.real
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January 14 2018
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This weekend’s post: “Why to: Practice Yoga & Meditation”. . . Anyone who knows me, knows that yoga and meditation is a major piece of my life. It wasn’t always. It started off, like anything else, as a totally foreign concept to me. I thought of yoga as solely a physical practice for stretching and strengthening, which it may be for some. For me, it took finding my absolute zero to turn to meditation. It took a time of absolute devastation to realize that something needed to happen. I needed to listen to the terrible things I believed about myself. I needed to be quiet and slow down to break through what was causing me so much pain. Meditation was the hardest thing in the world at that time. I had to put down the walls I built around my thoughts and beliefs, and actually LISTEN. These thoughts and beliefs had been suppressed for so long that discovering them caused pain. Working through this I was able to see the worst of myself and the best; and all I had to do was sit on a cushion, close my eyes, and breathe. Now, it is the only place I can always come back to and find relief. . . No matter what you are looking for, whether it be strength, flexibility, mental stability, a hobby, a community, friends, self esteem, a voice, or a place to just forget everything, a personal practice is where you will find all of it. . . This post will explain the benefits for all different people (e.g. athletes, students, workers, etc), and will go into a bit of detail about what physically happens in the body and brain when you practice mindfulness. Will be posting soon🙏🏽 . . . #kindmindfulreal #kind #mindful #real #yoga #meditation #practice #asana #pranayama #bakasana #blogger #teacher #innerstrength #bliss 41 ♡ 2 ✍ February 8

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Kind-Mindful-Real... the three things that have gotten me from my lowest to my highest self. The three things that if more people worked to be each day, the world would be a bit better. The name of my blog has changed back and forth over the past year, but I realized that there were three things that each post and each title included: kindness, mindfulness, and reality. What are we if we don’t have these three things? . . My blog is meant to make you think and be engaged. It is supposed to draw your attention to the parts of yourself that you haven’t even realized are there. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re personal, sometimes they’re about coconut oil, and other times they’re about happiness. They are truth. And I hope that with each post I upload, 1 single person takes something out of it. . . These posts are written to help you better yourself to make you FEEL better about yourself. Because, let’s be honest, we all need a little lift here and there. Better yet, I hope that some of you reach out to me with stories and pieces of your own. I want to feature the work of YOU. You, yes, you, have something to share that will benefit someone else. You have a talent, or a fault, or a story that will relate to someone else. Share your story with me so we can share it with the world. Let’s make some technological magic✨ Reach out to me via e-mail at anytime: . . #lifestylerblogger #blog #kindness #mindfulness #reality #writingcommunity #socialmedianetworking 30 ♡ 3 ✍ January 10

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