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How tf did he get a hold of his leg like that 🤔♻#PettyMemes @shogunz_cbmg
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December 11 2017
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roderik21 ig
roderik21 Rodderick Mendoza
Why shoot him tho! That’s bullshit why not just tase the guy!!
julonpan ig
julonpan julon
@angelo.d.c.r yeah. But he could have died later on
julonpan ig
julonpan julon
@83joejoe he could have just been dumb. You don't know his intentions.
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@julonpan stop defending dumbass people who fight people who they know are armed and will shoot
julonpan ig
julonpan julon
@83joejoe could have wanted to die. You never know
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@83joejoe very true maybe crazy and suicidal but that's even more scary what if her over powered the cop got his gun shot him the guy filming and anyone else
t.pritty ig
t.pritty 👻 ulove_moneice
They shot him cuz they was mad but ppl don’t realize they protect themselves first before thinking about you but ppl nowadays are so unpredictable
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@chase_lively1 why be a dumbass and attack someone who has a gun ?
justin_rydell_88 ig
justin_rydell_88 Justin Rydell
@onlyone_lite_brite tazing doesn’t always work
justin_rydell_88 ig
justin_rydell_88 Justin Rydell
@joseehdz17 that’s a dude
onlyone_lite_brite ig
onlyone_lite_brite Lite Brite
@justin_rydell_88 al least they could’ve tried🙄 I bet if he was white they would’ve !!
justin_rydell_88 ig
justin_rydell_88 Justin Rydell
@jordan__santiago you know people with judge the fuck outa this
justin_rydell_88 ig
justin_rydell_88 Justin Rydell
@onlyone_lite_brite statistically white people are killed my cops more than anyone else
justin_rydell_88 ig
justin_rydell_88 Justin Rydell
@onlyone_lite_brite black peoples getting shot just gets more attention because people are racist and are trying to start shit but I see where you’re coming from
leinier94 ig
@leinya24 @ecelorrio96
onlyone_lite_brite ig
onlyone_lite_brite Lite Brite
@justin_rydell_88 statistically blacks are killed more by police, so I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from 🤔 however you should try to read more scholarly sources 💯
dbossromeo ig
dbossromeo Alpha D Romeo
Did the cop just take out the taser put it back in his pocket then take out the gun?
gordapinky ig
gordapinky P!nky
No weapon. Smh what are the razors for decorations?? ig Rudy
All y’all idiots for defending the stupid ass assailant, and all y’all ignorant for defending the cop shooting an unarmed person. I’m defending the cameraman.
aquaglob ig
aquaglob Matt
He really caught the piggy by his toe
charless710 ig
charless710 Charles Stover
The cop pulled out his tazer, the put it back to get the gun...😑😑😑😑
love2hatejr ig
love2hatejr Jr Lamar
How tf was that a good enuff reason to shoot em 😑
pressur4 ig
pressur4 Pressur4
@julonpan no he's not. He's dead, this happened in my city. Lauderhill Florida
pressur4 ig
pressur4 Pressur4
@83joejoe Whatever man. I've seen white guys fight the police like they're not even wearing a badge and get tazed, pepper sprayed, wrestle to the ground into submission. It's the black guys they don't give two shits about. Granted he was stupid as hell not to let go of the cop, and charge the other one. They could of even shoot him in the leg. Even the cop on the ground said taze him. He should've given like camera man said. He should know police have no mercy on blacks assaulting an officer
arkyn112 ig
arkyn112 Wilson
Never mess with anyone who has a gun. It's that simple.
justin_rydell_88 ig
justin_rydell_88 Justin Rydell
@onlyone_lite_brite I read it off a government web sight
free__minded ig
free__minded Ricky🌤🌳
They warned his ass and he didn’t listen so I applaud this shit 😂👏🏾
ana_wa_winnie ig
ana_wa_winnie no one
Wtf?? Some people just get themselves in trouble!!
onlyone_lite_brite ig
onlyone_lite_brite Lite Brite
@justin_rydell_88 okay, I wrote this long comment and it got spammed 🙄 so basically, for a research study to have validity the sample size and population have to be relevant!!! I wouldn’t trust a research study on such a topic that was taken in a rural area 😉
rasunfrmqns ig
rasunfrmqns RasunfrmQns
@fadingambiance 😂 ig Angelo D / Angelo C / Angelo R
@pressur4 he could yes, the policeman and this guy are both dumb fuckers imo
sincexcv ig
@fadingambiance Big facts lmao
almightylordrod ig
almightylordrod Rodrigo
almightylordrod ig
almightylordrod Rodrigo
That doesn't even look like a strong lock smh good thing they still shot his ass for not listening 😂 ol joe Budden lookin aah
love2hatejr ig
love2hatejr Jr Lamar
@almightylordlord over a punk ass foot , if them punk ass cops can't taze or smack em wit a baton or pepper spray him nd control him between 2 ppl wit weapons vs 1 without none, they they shouldn't be cops , u ever see them do that to a white guy ? Jw
love2hatejr ig
love2hatejr Jr Lamar
@almightylordrod 👆🏼
almightylordrod ig
almightylordrod Rodrigo
@love2hatejr yea I have actually you stupid bitch wtf does him having to be black have to do with anything?! He could have been black, white, or Mexican, it's always a dumbass brim begging race into this. He wouldn't have learned if he got hit or tazed but after them shots to the gut? HE GON LEARN TODAY 😆😆😂🖕🏼
r.eazy89 ig
zack.ogletree ig
zack.ogletree Zack Ogletree
All the black people gon be like “they shot him cuz he’s black, all white people are racist”
moedennis ig
moedennis Moe Dennis
Did he have a gun and where was the knife?
love2hatejr ig
love2hatejr Jr Lamar
Wrd lol , hopefully next time u do sum dum , they shoot ya dumass 😂 u look like Pedro from napoleon dynamite...lookin all old wit a undeveloped body n shit 😩😭 I was gun start talkin shit back but I couldn't stop laffin lookin at u , das fucked god got u out here on sum bullshit , u look crazy ascell in the face Lol u look like a autistic pigin bird 😩 🐣😂 lol but chill bro I'm sorry ,u got it .u won , I'm done , I'm done 😩
moedennis ig
moedennis Moe Dennis
I hate all you motherfukers that say it was right for the police to shoot him
moedennis ig
moedennis Moe Dennis
@zack.ogletree fuck you!!
maisonofodg ig
maisonofodg Tyler Purgem
@zack.ogletree Suck a dick you cornball
s550_beast ig
s550_beast Josh H
So he shot a criminal. Big fuckin deal. The world is seriously overpopulated anyway. He would've been shot for much less in other countries.
zack.ogletree ig
zack.ogletree Zack Ogletree
@moedennis wasn’t right to shoot him but it wasn’t right for him to not stop.
moedennis ig
moedennis Moe Dennis
@zack.ogletree and yo it's not even a black and white thing these cops are getting out of hand they have too many options to just go around shooting people it's crazy
freddafriendlyfiend ig
freddafriendlyfiend Derf Yad
🤷🏽‍♂️ he was alive up until he kept assaulting the cop. Can’t say I see anything wrong here 😂
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@pressur4 .stop always blaming the police shit is old black folks don't think should ever get in trouble anymore cause if they do its cause they are black and cops are racist stop blaming everyone else for the way alot of black people like to live trying to be hard all the time gangbanging why don't you protest rappers who make millions off hate against other black people on their songs if your gonna point fingers and blame point them at everyone.
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@aquaglob right there you won't give respect but you expect respect.
shanebittner23 ig
shanebittner23 Shane
@83joejoe you have a tazer and extremely strong oc spray. There was no real threat. Black white hispanic doesnt matter. Its now 2 vrs 1 with 2 tazers, 2 cans oc spray, 2 batons. Unless this man had a visible weapon there wasnt much reason. I do think the man is an idiot attacking an officer and deserved a good ass beating but that was to far
shanebittner23 ig
shanebittner23 Shane
If a man in the real world charges me with a gun i promise i would not shoot(unless he has a weapon). That doesnt even make sense and crazy thats even a first thought
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
I do agree they could of tried a taze or spray you can tell the cop on bottom didn't want to hurt the man he could of easily shot him but not all cops are out hunting and racist white people get shot down all the time too tired of people crying it's only black people who do
craymon_ham ig
craymon_ham craymonham
@freddafriendlyfiend WoW
craymon_ham ig
craymon_ham craymonham
All these pussy white people talking mad shit!
ant_albert ig
ant_albert Anthony Albert
I figured that was coming
j_westoh10 ig
j_westoh10 Justin West
They could have use mace a billy club a taser gun but it seems like their training is just kill them it is cheaper that way I guess
kokaine_kiss ig
kokaine_kiss 🍫BOOGIESOOBADD
They gonna shoot u man .. poor facts #smh
airjordan365 ig
airjordan365 North Olmsted
if he would have got shot and killed, people be saying more black lives matter shit....this is why they get shot
airjordan365 ig
airjordan365 North Olmsted
@love2hatejr learn to spell fuck boy
1scorponok ig
1scorponok Shaun♏
@kokaine_kiss lmao
harry_osborne_jr ig
😩Damn bruh that's all bad
blak_thor ig
blak_thor blak_thor
It ended bad ..the whole hood in shock ... he was a cool dude
mr_turtle_100 ig
@airjordan365 didn’t he get shot and killed
patten430 ig
patten430 Danny
@freddafriendlyfiend exactly
rowan.vt ig
rowan.vt Rowan
@freddafriendlyfiend he was holding the dudes leg, and then kicked him like three times, and was clearly unarmed? You're telling me he deserves to get shot?
rowan.vt ig
rowan.vt Rowan
@83joejoe nobody is saying that dude. How can you not see how wrong your logic is? Nobody is saying they shouldn't be in trouble, does that mean he should be shot and killed? And protest rappers for their hate against black people? C'mon man gimme a break. That's just ridiculous. You're the epitome of an ignorant white dude.
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@83joejoe no we are tired of black people bitching and crying blaming all white people and cops everytime a black person is shot or attacked
83joejoe ig
83joejoe Joseph Gleim
@zack.ogletree exactly it's a sad world when you defend the criminal but if that guy got a hold of the cops gun and shot him they would all say the pig deserved
freddafriendlyfiend ig
freddafriendlyfiend Derf Yad
@rowan.vt In my opinion, ya. He’s an idiot. He was bound to get killed one way or another somewhere down the line in life. Clearly doesn’t know how to handle his anger or use good judgement.
porshae1641 ig
They could've used a taser or mase on him he was unarmed no need to shoot
lazycountryside ig
lazycountryside Dukey Duke ⚾️💫🌻
I wouldn’t even touch a damn cop cause already know how they are
mr.hein66 ig
mr.hein66 Justin Hein
@porshae1641 he used a taser and he didn't go down
nycjunn ig
nycjunn J villalón🇪🇸
That’s why people have legs.. shoot they legs atleast
sshnaple ig
"Heres my chance to shoot a black guy with no punishment!" Every cop has a tazer im sure and this guy shot him, atleast it was in the damn leg.
sshnaple ig
@airjordan365 they? So all black people who get shot are like that??
ruu215 ig
ruu215 Ruu
@airjordan365 i seen people come at cops knifes and they had taze them no need to shoot unless your scared for your life
thatkiddrello ig
thatkiddrello REŁŁO
They didnt have TO FUCKING SHOOT HIM, this js why black people have no way out of death
b.moore19 ig
b.moore19 Brandon
He’s an idiot. The men told him to let the cop go he kept assaulting the cop tf. I know they didn’t have to shoot him but damn we all see that they told the men
jeff08xlds ig
Fucking stupid bottom line, specially if another black men that’s recording telling you that shit look mad sus why not let go then keep on kicking like bro you know you had to take that ass beating if not you was taking straight bullets that’s just the world we live in don’t be stupid be informed be smart don’t put yourself in jeopardy Smfh mad stubborn.
lookkool_doo ig
lookkool_doo Under Surveillance
The man have to be mental. If they out number him the should take him down with physical force not deadly dude unarmed. Pussy shit
popeyesmanager ig
popeyesmanager 🐲Justin🐲
Nothing wrong with this, this is exactly what happens when you do stupid shit 😂
_angel978_ ig
_angel978_ Angel Marquez
It doesn’t matter to who it is race or anything. USE THE DAMN TASER. He is unarmed and yes he is seen to be a threat but cmon smh use safer alternatives first before you start putting holes in someone.
kyleabbruney ig
kyleabbruney Kyle Bruney
Feel sorry for the people trying too justify these cowardly actions. Absolute sucker sheep shit. Cops shooting an unarmed man will NEVER be ok. These toy cops obviously need more training 🤦🏽‍♂️ #sheeple #getbacktootheacademy #shitbag #punks
juice3oh5 ig
juice3oh5 Juice3oh5💧
He embarrassed the cop so of course they would shoot him
freakosuavek9 ig
freakosuavek9 🗣Ay yo ROD
Levels of force used properly, two non lethal weapons used. Still didn’t conform. This dude unfortunately had it coming
daaimz ig
daaimz Damian Calliste
@83joejoe because a gun doesn’t make you powerful guy.
abrakadaniel_fpv ig
abrakadaniel_fpv Daniel Jankoski
I wish they could have waited for like two more cops and all tackled him versus shorting him 3 times.
haroons_world ig
haroons_world Haroon
They could have tazed him tho instead of shooting him pretty sure deadly force wasn't needed there @shaz20196
dwainjacklw13 ig
dwainjacklw13 Dwain Jackson
Why not taze him????!!!!
datallist1 ig
datallist1 Kev
Even the black dude told him the smart thing to do was let go of the cops leg. Smh
lp_trix ig
lp_trix Trix® ️️️️️️️️️️
I ain’t a gun , this cops weak ass pussy scared for they life
cristurb0 ig
cristurb0 Cristian Garcia 🐺
tieraaa___ ig
tieraaa___ Legs & Melons 💜
Come on, we know they look at us and "fear" for they life. Why he wanna play!!!
rdc_4l ig
rdc_4l Reggie Campbell 💯
I don’t feel bad for him. Fucking dumbass
rdc_4l ig
rdc_4l Reggie Campbell 💯
Was told 233003 times to let his leg go
williamh_220 ig
williamh_220 PAPI_From_DaBLocK🗽
Damn but shooting him they should have just attacked and grabbed him up smh
carlitos_way89 ig
Ain't no need to shoot him, where the teasers, where the shotguns with the rubber bullets?? Dnt matter if the man dint wanna let go of his leg maybe he was right by whooping that cops ass
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
Why dont cops use a taser tho like regardless. The outcome should never be death.
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@markashley57 they? 🤔
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@carlitos_way89 thank you 👌🏽
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@markashley57 those people. I think youve had it easy in your life. Apparently making mistakes is a problem in your book. Never is death a need for any outcome. Upon anyone esp when ones out numbered and could of been tased.
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@markashley57 good shoot?! 3 times?! Haha ok. A taser would of calmed him down quick. Your something else. I wouldnt wish it upon anyone. A bullet.
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@markashley57 your an idiot. Your whats wrong with this world ha. Im done here. Your next up.
clarochristopher ig
clarochristopher Christopher Claro
why did they need to shoot him like wtf you got taser
whirlsofblue ig
whirlsofblue aj
He absolutely deserved that. Sorry... He was tased! Watch the whole video. A baton was used. That first cop even tried talking to him like a human being. "let me help you" while he was being dragged and kicked. The guys upstairs were begging him to stop. The second cop begged him to stop... I've seen men shake off tasers in an adrenaline rush- Exchanging the taser for a gun was the right choice. That still didn't stop this dude... He got so many chances.
babagoon416 ig
babagoon416 Mighty Mo
Should have used physical force instead of killing him for no reason, he had no weapons and they outnumbered him. Smh
1sf1end ig
1sf1end LA FLAME 🔥🕊🕊🌊
@markashley57 who are “they”?
charlesmetzger ig
charlesmetzger charlesmetzger³
@clarochristopher That cop tased him, and then the dude tackled him and got him in the hold like that
charlesmetzger ig
charlesmetzger charlesmetzger³
@carlitos_way89 They tased him already. As soon as someone goes for a gun, they’re supposed to be met with lethal force so the gun doesn’t get turned the other way. Simple self defense
humusmumus14 ig
humusmumus14 Harold Lawrence
Should have put him in the figure four leglock, then yelled out "wooooo".
briab__ ig
briab__ NaBria Billings
@markashley57 lol just say black people. That’s obviously who “they” are.
briab__ ig
briab__ NaBria Billings
@markashley57 lmfao, you completely missed the point that i was trying to make. 💀 lmfao.... simple minded people kill me.
sincere.99 ig
sincere.99 Money.Mitch🇰🇭🇱🇦
I fuckin hate cops bro you have a non lethal way to fuckin take the man down
briab__ ig
briab__ NaBria Billings
@markashley57 lmfao you’re funny. Thank you. I am pretty nasty 😘
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@briab__ i think your beautiful in everyway. This dood is clearly a fuck boy. A dood id personally shoot. And honestly wish I never hit this comment up. Im trying to find him. Lol thank you
killerrighthand ig
killerrighthand Kovy
@markashley57 you a piece of shit that ill haunt forever now. Congrats
_92flow ig
_92flow TAKE A DOSE
Tazered and hit with the stick . got lit up because he was A straight out danger homie wouldn't stop what the fuck was he on?,..
bearded_mello ig
bearded_mello i knew you would find me
@babagoon416 he just shot him.. Not to death 😁


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