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When the hair, lighting, and style is just perfect 👌 @jamiedanahairstylist
When the hair, lighting, and style is just perfect 👌 I did this beautiful balayage today and I filmed some of the steps to share with you guys. I love how much you guys are enjoying the videos, so my goal is to create more videos for you. Is there anything in particular you'd want to see? @jamiedanahairstylist
In photo: @jamiedanahairstylist

October 15 2017
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jamiedanahairstylist ig
jamiedanahairstylist Jamie Dana | OC Hair Blogger
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jamiedanahairstylist ig
jamiedanahairstylist Jamie Dana | OC Hair Blogger
@_clarece_ Ooh that's a great idea! I have a video that I filmed about a color correction, so hopefully I can post it soon!
_clarece_vivid_ ig
_clarece_vivid_ Clarece Jones
@jamiedanahairstylist definitely will be waiting thank you....ant beautiful work here!
alysiamerriman ig
alysiamerriman alysia merriman
Transitioning someone from heavy fouls to balayage.
craft_and_mane ig
craft_and_mane Nikki Galloni Kepley▪️Stylist
Reverse balayage! Like instead of adding light pieces on a darker canvas, adding root and depth to an overly blonde canvas ✨
jamiedanahairstylist ig
jamiedanahairstylist Jamie Dana | OC Hair Blogger
@alysiamerriman Ooh that's a great one too! If I have any clients like that come up, I'll definitely share!
jamiedanahairstylist ig
jamiedanahairstylist Jamie Dana | OC Hair Blogger
@craft_and_mane Shoot! I just had a client like that a few days ago, but I didn't film it! I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time though!
jamiedanahairstylist ig
jamiedanahairstylist Jamie Dana | OC Hair Blogger
@arsenkaziyev_hair Okay sounds great! Thanks!
rosevillebeauty ig
rosevillebeauty Color Specialist•Rocklin CA
I love all the steps but maybe styling? Like finishing and getting the hair ready for photos?
bunny_rae ig
bunny_rae Bunny Rae
Pattern of application!
we_married_hair ig
we_married_hair jamie_viggo
What camera do you use?
westcoasthairdesign ig
westcoasthairdesign Jacksonville Balayage Experts
How to make the videos step by step I’m still struggling do you film with phone on tripod
express_hair_and_beauty ig
express_hair_and_beauty Mel Merlino
Gorgeous work Jamie 💜✂️
suezig ig
suezig Suezi Torres Gurzi
Her hair s beautiful!
colorfaunatic ig
colorfaunatic FLOURISH
@rosevillebeauty agreed!🙌🏼
styledby_sammiejay ig
styledby_sammiejay 🎀 Samantha 🎀
@beautyby_kir @tdahairandmakeup ok this is what I want guys after the red is gone don’t let me change my mind!!!!
romina.roaramirez ig
romina.roaramirez Romina Roa
Me encantaría algo para hacerlo uno mismo, pero esto es demasiado hermoso
jessieruthb ig
jessieruthb J e ѕ ѕ i e - R u t h B.
Thank you I love it and you!! ♥️


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jamiedanahairstylist ig
Jamie Dana | OC Hair Blogger
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I struggled to write a caption for this photo. I wrote one, then erased it. I've been quiet over the past couple days on here and it's because sometimes there's just too much to do and something has to give. ▫️ Life has felt a little stressful lately. And to be honest, my natural tendency is to get overwhelmed and just freak out. I can feel when my body and mind are getting that way and I need to take a step back. ▫️ At the end of the day, you have to understand your body and mind and take care of yourself FIRST. Then you can show up and be a better person for everyone else. It's okay to say no, it's okay to step back, and its okay to turn off for a few days. ▫️ My goal is to always be transparent with you through the way I show up here online. So if I'm going through something, I'm sure I'm not the only one. The reason I share my struggles is to help encourage someone else out there who has struggled with the same thing. ▫️ So here's to starting a new day, with a calmer mind and a prayer. I'm so thankful for all the reasons why I am stressed and I'm here just taking one step at a time. . . . . . . . #jamiedanahairstylist #jamiedanaliving #hairdresserlife #hairstylistlife #hairdresserproblems #hairstylistproblems #hairlife #hairindustry #haireducation #haireducator #haircommunity #hairblogger #hairblog #hairinfluencer #ocblogger #ocvlogger #liveauthenic #thatauthenticfeeling #photosinbetween #abmlifeisbeautiful #liveunscripted #theeverydaygirl #creativelife #createdforthis #calledtocreate #risingtidesociety #darlingmovement #communityovercompetition #raiseuptoriseup 883 ♡ 81 ✍ March 9

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I am so overwhelmed with gratitude this morning. Every time I open the doors to Oh Hot GRAM, I am flooded with messages from stylists around the world. Hearing their stories about where they are in their business and where they want to be is so inspiring. After my live class on Thursday, my husband read me an email from a girl who said she was unable to afford the course right now, but after my live class, she went and watched all of my other free content. She said "In the two hours I listened to you last night it changed me completely for the best." I told my husband, "That is why I do what I do. For stylists like her." I made sure to write her back personally and let her know how much her message meant to me. I get so excited to see stylists who are passionate about what they do, who won't let money or time stop them from learning, and who push through no matter their fears, their past, or their circumstances. I am just so thankful this morning for everyone who is a part of my community. I want to say thank YOU for following along my journey and for inspiring me through your words. You have no idea how much it means to me 💓 #raiseuptoriseup . . . . . . #jamiedanahairstylist #jamiedanaeducation #instagramforhairstylists #ohhotgram #hairindustry #haircommunity #communityovercompetition #stylistssupportingstylists #haireducation #haireducator #hairclass #hairclasses #hairbusiness #saloneducation #salonbusiness #theeverydaygirl #creativelife #createdforthis #calledtocreate #risingtidesociety #darlingmovement #pursuepretty #hairblogger #hairblog #hairinfluencer #ocblogger #ocvlogger #ochairstylist 1199 ♡ 82 ✍ February 27

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In my online class that I taught on Thursday night, I shared how important it was to share more than hair photos. When someone new clicks onto your page, naturally their eyes swiftly glance over the photos to see if the page is something they want to follow. You have around 2-3 secs to turn them into a follower. They probably read your bio to see what you're about, then they look at your first few photos, and they may scroll to see more if they are intrigued, but if not, they bounce ✌️ That's why you need to be adding "personality" to your page. If your Instagram looks like every other hairstylist out there, you're not going to gain the followers and you're less likely to turn people into clients. My best advice is share different kinds of photos! Share photos of you working on a client, share photos of your salon or studio, share photos of products, etc. Inside my online course, Oh Hot GRAM, I have a video that explains exactly how your share these photos so that they go with everything around them and not look weird or out of place, then in another video, I give you 65+ ideas on other types of photos you could share on your page to give it personality. I only open the doors to my course a few times a year, and the doors are closing tonight at 9pm PST. If you have been wanting to grow your business, but aren't sure how, Instagram is by far the best way to do that. Click the link in my bio to get more info about the course or to sign up 👆 What are some of your favorite ways to add "personality" to your page? . . . . . . #jamiedanahairstylist #jamiedanaeducation #instagramforhairstylists #ohhotgram #hairindustry #haireducation #haireducator #hairclass #hairclasses #hairbusiness #saloneducation #salonbusiness #photographyforhairdressers #photographyforhairstylists #hairphoto #hairphotography #hairblogger #hairblog #hairinfluencer #ocblogger #ocvlogger #modernsalon #americansalon #cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocreate #ochairstylist #raiseuptoriseup #communityovercompetition #ocsalon 278 ♡ 5 ✍ February 26

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*long post alert* I want to let you know that there was a time where Instagram was super overwhelming to me. It can be hard to see everyone’s perfect pages and thousands of followers and think, I am NEVER going to get there. I’ve had those feelings many times before. What you don’t know about those pages is the behind the scenes… Maybe they hired a social media manager like and comment for them Maybe they, unfortunately, purchased followers in order to make their pages look bigger than they are Maybe they just happened to be one of the ones who got in early OR maybe they invested in learning the Instagram platform; they experimented and figured out what worked best for their audience; they invested in learning how to use social media and marketing; they put in the hard work and then saw success! The second example was me. I’ve trialed and error-ed things. I invested in learning from some of the best, not only on how to use Instagram, but how to market and brand myself. I’ve spent years learning so that I could come up with the best strategies as possible. I didn’t always know what went into creating the perfect Instagram post. I didn’t always know which hashtags to use or what time was the best to post. I didn’t always know how to attract followers, let alone, the RIGHT kind of followers. Before I knew what I was doing, I would test things out (and I still do this day!) to see what would work. Some things would work great and be a huge success and others, major fails. I’ve even had times where I posted a photo to try out a new strategy and I got 20 likes when I was used to getting 200. It. Was. Crickets. But you know what, I learned from that post and I used it to create a better strategy going forward. As you can see, I sorta geek out over Instagram. I love this stuff and honestly, I really just want to help other stylists be able to market themselves in a different way than just passing out business cards or waiting for a walk-in. The doors to my online course, Oh Hot GRAM, close tomorrow at 9pm PST. If you think you're ready to take that next step in your business, then click the link in my bio to learn more about how you can get in ✌️ 1225 ♡ 18 ✍ February 25

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