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CALL IN!! Tell Us something good‼️ Who wants to make Yung Joc's day👀❓#streetz945atl #streetzmorningtakeover 🔥 @streetz945atl
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September 14 2017
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bulletproof_dolla550 ig
bulletproof_dolla550 Dolla Day
Man U doin shit like that is wats wrong with the world nobody has a identity don't know wat to do or wear smh
king_zenchi333 ig
king_zenchi333 official OYCking_ZenChi33
Damn bro why u let them publicly humiliate you like dat you cldve became back relevent by yourself💯 yo shit was 🔥🔥🔥smh
king_zenchi333 ig
king_zenchi333 official OYCking_ZenChi33
They make the black man look weak asl smfh
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
Don't this stupid ass nigga got kids don't he no that shit confusing to them your sole ain't worth shit now nigga!
globalneverlocal ig
globalneverlocal D.
Lost respect for him
toyka0107 ig
toyka0107 Toyka
_.trophy40 ig
_.trophy40 Trophy Thornton
Let's have a drink 🍹 or two so I can make you cry 😭 from lol 😂 everything on you
queenbeckyatl ig
queenbeckyatl sloppybecky
He can wear whatever he wants to wear shit. That's not stopping none of y'all from getting money and being successful. Don't blame him for your mistakes. He has a job and paid for. He does whatever he does because it's his life. Take your judgement elsewhere. #teamjoc
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@toyka0107 you know what I dont know you but I fucks with you for the simple fact that you dont sound like none of these stupid ass broads giving this dude a pass on accountability simply because he got a job and or money????? But be the same ones talking bout all black men are gay.........fuck out here!! And thats the thing about dating here in Atlanta is that black women here would rather hang with fags that a man with a hard dick staring at them. All the way out of order.
chapmangrp ig
chapmangrp Chapman Group LLC
Yung Joc the "cross dresser"?
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@queenbeckyatl so because he has a job and is paid you are going to overlook the fact this dude is wearing a fucking dress?? Its jackass brained broads like you that has made it normal here in Atlanta to warp the ideas of normality and the definition of black masculinity. You probably one of those broads who fuck openly gay men just because they got money. 1 so far in the comments nobody has judged dude but do want to know why the dress 2 nowhere do I see any comment where they are blaming YJ for their mistakes in life and 3 I sincerely hope you dont have a son/sons because from your thinking they will be just more headcounts in casualty of war in the system of white supremacy. I suggest you go read the Isis Papers because you have lost your rabbit ass mind
queenbeckyatl ig
queenbeckyatl sloppybecky
@jihad_thinks_like_dessalines The Bigger Question Is Why You Worried What Another Man Has On? You bringing more attention to it.
smokeyjamesjr ig
smokeyjamesjr Lil Tez
@jihad_thinks_like_dessalines right
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@queenbeckyatl your missing the point. As for me I dont look at the act over the mind. YJ can do whatever he wants. Its the cosigning of what he is doing by the people and when I see that this is something most people dont have a problem with I think of the many young black boys who are psychologically being neutralized of their natural state of masculinity and alpha. Now if you cant understand that then lets end the conversation now and have yourself a good day young lady
mritsago ig
mritsago Mr.JWJ ll
That nigga needs to come on out the closet. He's a Faggot!!! That's some good news @streetz945atl
westwestbabee ig
westwestbabee PICO
Stick a fork in yourself... u been done #FellIntoThatAtlTrap #SunkenPlace #StillNigga 🍴👎🏾💯💯💯
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@smokeyjamesjr peace brother I feel like the last masculine black man on earth SMFH but peep the women that think this shit is G that have sons that they have influence over
adgjuice757 ig
adgjuice757 Shavaughn McKenney
He explained why he wore the dress because he lost a bet
pinesthunnicuttst ig
pinesthunnicuttst @pinest&hunnicuttst
Joc...wear your #parttime #outfit #dress 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
narco100 ig
narco100 NARCO
@jihad_thinks_like_dessalines shit crazy bro
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss Doesn't, have, doesn't, know, soul.....if you're going to come for him, come for him with correct grammar...... your post is what is confusing🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Don't help your children with their homework.... please and thank you
prettyyoungtinggg ig
prettyyoungtinggg @1nOnlyPYT
I'm tripping over this girl that called for Joc, her ass just wanted a come up🙄🙄🙄🙄😂💯
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@1leanardo indeed it is man. Dr Frances Cress Welsing called this out in here book the Isis Papers back in the late 80ies. Brothers dont even realized how the european has bitched them down, got em all girl-minded
smokeyjamesjr ig
smokeyjamesjr Lil Tez
@jihad_thinks_like_dessalines my point exactly how can she think this is cool, a bet or not I don't want to see no man in a dress 👗
quon_with_a_o ig
quon_with_a_o Quon
Man Atlanta never stood for this. Money is the root of all evil. And my city always been about they money.
narco100 ig
narco100 NARCO
@jihad_thinks_like_dessalines Willylynch syndrome
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@quon_snow peace brother Im not from Atlanta but I love the A and I tell people back home which is St.Louis that people originally from Atlanta werent the gay ones although every city do have their populace of them but it was the transplants coming from the west coast, LA, San Fran and NY and then some. I remember the A for black excellence, black businesses and to find black love now...........smh
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@1leanardo all day long. All I can tell you is brother I salute you and stay strong especially if you have suns.
forever_jihad ig
forever_jihad Jihad M. Yusef
@smokeyjamesjr I concur and like I told the other brother I salute you for standing on your square (not a mason lol) and not compromising your masculinity for the flow of a mentally sick society
queenin_04 ig
queenin_04 Dee
Nigga do ANYTHING for a check, sound like a hoe to me.💅🏾
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld I ain't trying to be no damn English teacher hoe that's what kids go to school for just because u like gay niggas I don't give af about u or your opinions so keep my name of ya @ hoe I was not talking to yo ass!
bbwsweetz ig
bbwsweetz Laressa Hailey
Yak better leave @joclive alone......bosses do what they want, while sucks do what they can....the whole dress thing is for his internet show. He has a good point wit it too. Ain't none of this ignorance about to stop his 💲
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld let your kids be raised by the bs
sharkbah ig
sharkbah M.Poux
@streetz945atl @Joclive looked like like one of the Braxton's wit that dam dress on 😂😂😂😂
youngsaintzone ig
youngsaintzone YOUNG SA¡NT
@joclive bruh cmon man
showofftv ig
showofftv showofftv
STOP defending Joc until he answer a REAL question like a REAL man. Straight men don't wanna support, follow, sing along with a dude who don't even know who or what he wanna be. If u fay, straight, in between...don't matter. What matters is honesty with yourself and ya fans.
4_n_warren ig
4_n_warren WARREN GZEE
Nigga slowly tryna come on out the closet....bro. they got a thing called being bisexual you can GONE claim that or just gone and be gay they accepting that he'll be in heals with the lil bra thing with the string
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss 😂😂😂 first and foremost you big mad like he borrowed your dress!! Secondly, my kids so straight and so is their father... I overstand that the foundation of a child's education starts at home, that's why I'm not concerned with the next mfer house..... if I ever were to be a hoe, I'd be a damn good one, one who doesn't allow the opinions of a basic mfer to dictate, how I carry myself in public or how a mfer I could care less about views me😂😂 I'm sad for you, because you spell on a 1st grade level and you can't handle constructive criticism...... I definitely didn't put a gun to your head and force you to type all of you illiterate ass comments!! Any how, don't let the devil steal your joy or your dress sir/ma'am
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss I clearly fluffed your feathers because my opinion bothered you...... I never called you out your name but ain't no pressure on my end Benjamin Button!! 😂😂😂
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss whether you're an English teacher or not, you're an adult and your writing should reflect that..... 😉💯
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@joclive got me cursed out because corrected someone's grammar on this damn post.... and I could care less what anyone wears🤷🏽‍♀️ I hate a stupid smart ass, you can't be around here talking about someone and to can't formulate a proper sentence.... wrong is fucking wrong
livlyfenyce ig
livlyfenyce Nyce
@queenbeckyatl it aint about jus judgement its jus straight how low will u go...u rt tho he can do wateva he wants.....but r u gunna still b cheerleadin for joc wen he on da corner givin blow jobs for money....fuck it even if its a it worth compromising urself...only the real who have self morals gunna understand
queenbeckyatl ig
queenbeckyatl sloppybecky
Hun @livlyfenyce again what does Joc wearing a dress have to do with how much money you have in your bank account or your success? Because what you're telling me is that he is that important to you. So important that you must tell everyone. If you don't like what you're looking at change the channel boo. Simple as that. 💋
glosskid ig
glosskid Samuel G. V.
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld find u something to do besides talking to me & fuck ya & everything u stand for why when I finally look on ig i see more comments from u find somebody to talk to like I said never was talking to u keep on going on ig telling people how to spell it's plenty of people on here who make mistakes I'm on a fucking phone it make typos idiot 👌🏾🖕🏽
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld This shit ain't about your smart ass it's about kids as a whole somebody younger look up to this type of dumb ass shit & u on here talking about spelling this ain't no damn spelling B so find somebody to talk to that's why your page private u fake anyway 🖕🏽
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss stfu!!! 😂😂😂 you're dumb af!! I'm fake cause my page private??🤦🏾‍♀️ how so!! If you comment on a post be prepared for someone to comment, whether you're talking to them or not..... if it's not your post be prepared for someone else to have an opinion!! Big dumbass..... phone or not.... spelling is an essential element, if used correctly people wouldn't have to dumb themselves down to understand you super stupid!! Regardless what point you're trying to make, it's pointless if your intended audience can't understand wtf you're saying cause you can't spell for shit!! Friendly advice Benjamin Button, don't come for anybody looking like you've lived a rough life!! Old ass face ass, 12 years a slave face ass, dead granddaddy face ass, old ass dirt face ass!! 😂😂😂😉👊🏾✌🏾💯👍🏾🖕🏾 I have emojis too grandpa
livlyfenyce ig
livlyfenyce Nyce
@queenbeckyatl joc dun mean nuttin to me for that exact reason hes a lame my money his money dun change that if a nigga a lame he a lame thats jus my opinion all the extra is extra u can say wat ur sayin for anybody in the woltd doin somethin sus jus cuz it dun affect ur bank dun make it not sus nomore jus keepin it 100
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld Smh u ain't got shit to do do u ole lonely ass hoe keep talking to me while u hiding your ugly ass face ole raggedy ass fake hair wearing face supposed to to beat eyebrows on fleek wearing ass hoe u all on my duck ain't ya fuck u & anybody that like your fake ass hoe I ain't got to hide my page but u the only one who had something to say wonder why get a man or something with ya ugly ass self
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld lonely ass I bet don't nobody won't u do they u talk to damn much 😂
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss 😂😂😂happily involved, loved by everyone, natural everything...... what else you got!! Old stressed face ass, been through the struggle face ass😘
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss I would never stalk you, I don't even know what you are🤷🏽‍♀️ just simply stop mentioning me, you're clearly seeking attention.
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld I'm old enough to be yo daddy probably all on how my face look🤔 get off my dick why u still talking to me i don't talk to people I don't no lame ass I can tell u wack by ya profile pic u must be a new generation girl u look like ya eyebrows connect together until u get em done & ya face look like a boy looking ass ugly ass worry about ya own ugly ass face just because u support gay shit why u mad at me every body on there had a comment u worried about mine though I don't get u internet people & don't give a fuck about ya so why u talking to me 🤔🤐
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld find somebody to play with I ain't the one!
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld u look like young joc with his dress 👗😂🤣 boy crooked face profile pic private page having ass
harmstar_undercover_boss ig
harmstar_undercover_boss Ceo Star B Entertainment
@geminisworld U look like Momma D on ya profile pic shit in black & white why it's 2017 what u filtering out on ya ugly ass face 🤔
geminisworld ig
geminisworld PRETTY GEM
@harmstar_undercover_boss 😂😂😂😂 I can't take anyone like you serious!! Why are you so upset?? You having a bad life or something..... you're all in your feelings about my page being private, which insinuates that you've tried to peep it out, which is exactly why my page is private..... to keep the strays and mutts away. Since nothing you've said applies to me, I'm far from offended. You are exactly what a man shouldn't be!! While you're condemning another man for his actions, check your own. You became verbally aggressive over a grammar check. Sounds like you're the one who's fucked up!! Although you maybe old enough to be my father, I thank God that my Dad doesn't carry himself the way you do, or addresses a QUEEN, because I am the epitome of that, i am radiant, intelligent, driven and nothing like the basic mfer I'm addressing. So with that being said, focus on you, cause you clearly need some work, internally and externally!! ✌🏾#staybigmad #noonecares #ijustmadeyourelevant #mrnobodyigiveafabout #goodday


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