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On the to-do list for today but didn't happen, again: @freddieharrel
On the to-do list for today but didn't happen, again: sitting in this little corner and read!! I keep buying books I'm too excited to read, I start lots of them but sometimes don't finish them for a while 🙈 when do you guys read? How many books a month do you read? I'm tempted to set myself a daily reminder to read 15mns 😎💪🏾 lots of room on my list, to start or to finish 😅or to read again: Sapiens, The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla, Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race by @renieddolodge who I'm so lucky I met at #Wilderness, very poignant book that everyone should pick up but I'll tell you more on that soon 😊, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks (classic I keep reading!) - so, any tips for a bookworm wannabe like me? Who's reading what? 🤘🏾 #WallsOfTheHarrels • • #homedecor #homesweethome #homedesign #homeinterior #interiors #interiordesign #instahome @freddieharrel
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August 30 2017
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abigailbergstrom ig
abigailbergstrom A B I G A I L 📖
Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, it's a hell of a debut!
sophsread ig
sophsread Sophie Read 📷
what a lovely chair and reading spot 💕📚
aireangels ig
aireangels Amy E-H
Read during commute🤓
mochalatte2014 ig
mochalatte2014 Tracy A!
I try to read a good novel at least once a month, but it's a struggle with my hectic schedule
freddieharrel ig
freddieharrel Frédérique Harrel
@abigailbergstrom my favourite bookworm of all times 😍😍😍 it's on my list to email you by end of this week btw 😅😅😅
freddieharrel ig
freddieharrel Frédérique Harrel
@aireangels I work from my kitchen most days 😁
rebeccarubycat ig
rebeccarubycat Rebecca Jackson
Freddie I can't deal ❤️
jjooyycc ig
jjooyycc Joy
I set myself the goal of reading atleast an hour everyday. The 15mins reminder is a good place to start. I recently wrote a blog post on my reading. Currently I am reading Pachinko by Min jin Lee. The good immigrant is on my tbr...have heard great things about it.
justwriteantigua ig
justwriteantigua Brenda Lee Browne
Lovely reading nook...i am reading 'Before and Then After stories' by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan - whenever I go to India, I look for writers I haven't heard of before.... Mainly contemporary novelists
rosa_sofia26 ig
rosa_sofia26 Rosa _Sofia
I try to read at least 10 minutes a day my dear
jecca_a ig
jecca_a Angela Aguiar
Welcome to my world. I am reading three books at the same time. Does it even make any sense?!
freddieharrel ig
freddieharrel Frédérique Harrel
@jecca_a loool I'm currently reading 3 too! I think it's okay...🙈 @justwriteantigua I need to get into novels more! I'm mostly into self-development or cultural books, I used to LOVE novels, I'm so not fun 🙈 @jjooyycc oh wow!!! 1 hour! Girl!! 😵💪🏾 @rosa_sofia26 joining the gang very soon 🤓
jjooyycc ig
jjooyycc Joy
Ahaha @freddieharrel yes, there are too many good books to be read and knowledge to be gained lol
osborne.kayleigh ig
osborne.kayleigh Kayleigh Osborne
I brought a new book today but I've got three on the go 😫 Terrible at that haha, so I'm going to finish a series I'm reading and then finish them one by one 🙈
juh_neese ig
juh_neese J.
Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan and almost anything written by Isabel Allende. 👌🏽👌🏽
dubietoa ig
dubietoa Dubie Toa-Kwapong
@freddieharrel I'm reading essays by James Baldwin, Joan Didion and Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah 🌻💕
judcw ig
judcw Judith
Currently reading Vernon Subutex (vol.2) by Despentes. I read in bed b4 going 2 sleep & in the (Paris) metro, I used to be able to read 1 book a week, but now with work and all, it's more 1 (or 2) per month ! Stealing Ur reading list btw @freddieharrel ! Thx 4 the sharing!!!
freddieharrel ig
freddieharrel Frédérique Harrel
@jjooyycc really good of you 🤓 @osborne.kayleigh STORY of my life! Are we meant to keep on buying them? I do, I'm slowly catching up but I'm getting there 😁 @juh_neese @dubietoa taking nooootes thanks ladies 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️
veeteegee ig
veeteegee Valerie 💜
I usually do three or four a month! Goodreads is my favorite way to keep it all organized so DEFINITELY join if you haven't already. I usually read on my daily commutes and if a book is good/I can't get enough I'll sneak in a page or two (hundred 🙃) before bed. I'm sure that gets harder when you're running your own business and taking care of that beautiful baby boy, but maybe audiobooks as a way to get you back on track without needing too much sitting idle time. Hope this helps and hope to see more from what you're reading soon!
adrianamccu ig
adrianamccu Adriana
I'm the same. Love to read but really?? With two small boys it's so hard to ring the time. Enter audio books 🙌
veeteegee ig
veeteegee Valerie 💜
Oh! And currently reading "Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection" by Sharon Salzberg (because it KEPT coming up on my social feeds), "A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life" by Ayelet Waldman (in an old list of recommendations from Elle), and "Soul Mates: Honouring the Mysteries of Love and Relationship" 🤗
michelewatson ig
michelewatson michele watson
In the morning before work I find that quiet place and read for at least 10 minutes and then again before bed
dressmeuplover ig
dressmeuplover Dani Adams
I've gotten like this, too
dressmeuplover ig
dressmeuplover Dani Adams
I'm truthfully reading like 5 books right now, buuuut...FINISHING them? I'll get back to u on that. Lol!
mboniique ig
mboniique Mboniique
I like to read just before bedtime when everyone is sleeping and house is quiet. Depending on how tired I am, I catch up on a few pages. Am a multiple book reader too... according to my mood... what my soul craves and yearns to learn or read at the time... happy reading!!! Ohh and I admire your energy beautiful soul
missteeheehee ig
missteeheehee Tau Wacho
What a fantastic reading spot! I have a long commute so have a couple of hours of reading time a day. Currently have a wonderful collection of poems by @pamwasimba called Rainbow Soul and A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee....both page turners but I am pacing myself with Rainbow Soul so I can savour it...a few pages at a time!
louise_mcg_ ig
louise_mcg_ Louise McGivern
Have you read Americanah by Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie? Book of the year, maybe my life!
simply.comfort ig
simply.comfort Comfort
My last book was Americanah by Ngozie Adichie. So far this year I have read 6 books that's got nothing to do with the day job lol. Ordered my next yesterday from amazon and fingers crossed I get it tomorrow. Always excited to read [been lacking lately]
capsulecreations ig
capsulecreations Hibba Ali
Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo has to be the book of the year for me. I couldn't put it down, in fact i read it twice 😊
rossi.a.b ig
rossi.a.b 💃🏻👑
Obsessed with Helen Oyeyemi! Nigerian born British author 💗 Icarus Girl and Mr. Fox are good ones of hers to start with 📚
_cakenbeans ig
_cakenbeans Neu
@freddieharrel "100 years of solitude " by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The best book I have ever read!! Absolutely loved it and still read it from time to time.
lh_hoh ig
lh_hoh Leah | Haus of Hyde
The good immigrant is such a good read! One you should definitely finish- it's worth it x
nyoae ig
nyoae Amanda
Currently reading The Power of Neuroplasticity, Swing Time, Ayurveda and the Mind and Creating Money: Attracting Abundance. Someone once told me books are patient so don't feel bad for starting one and putting it down to start another😅
nyoae ig
nyoae Amanda
I've been told the Underground Railroad is also a great read😊
ij3oma ig
ij3oma Ijeoma
I'm currently reading Sapiens on the commute but it's a slow one. I got the follow up Homo Deus and Swing Time waiting in the wings...that my next three months sorted 😂
motherhood_rx ig
You should join our bookclub! It starts in 2 weeks 💜
akasmartass ig
akasmartass Yana Kalinina
I'm trying to read an hour a day, but used timer when I started doing this. In a couple of months it's getting easier & easier. The truth is less time for social media — more time to read.
deabee52 ig
deabee52 Deanne
Homegoing by yaa gyasi
_jimandhenry_ ig
_jimandhenry_ Jim+Henry™
Salman Rushdie's Midnights Children - classic that I've yet to finish! It's brilliant so far! Xx
barbarajane66 ig
barbarajane66 Barbara Jane Dempsey Smith
Audio books were my saving grace for long commutes in the car. Now I use them all the time. When I'm cooking, doing housework, in the bath. I "read" so many books this way.
dimpled_jules ig
dimpled_jules Jules Fulukiya
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a must read. In fact, any book (or Ted Talk!) by Chimamanda is a winner. I just got 100 Years of Solitude...heard great things about it, + I'm nearly at the end of The Good Immigrant. Happy reading. xx
yes_cloclo ig
yes_cloclo Claudia Jean-Pierre
Loved audio books when I had a longer commute for work. I recently recommened The Bluest Eye to someone & it made me want to re-read it! Just purchased Milk & Honey and looking forward to that.
stephodumosu ig
stephodumosu Stephanie Odumosu
Why I'm No longer talking to White People about Race @renieddolodge ... yassss so GOOD!!!!! Read it so quickly and loved every moment 😍
miss_jannine ig
miss_jannine Ms Jannine
Just finished Sapiens (incredible!) and onto the follow up Homo Deus. The @renieddolodge book is waiting in my table too though! Easy cheat is promising yourself you'll read 10 pages a day. It's so simple that it's hard to make an excuse for and it gets me into a space where I usually carry on and read much more! X
jennyellacook ig
jennyellacook Jenny Ella Cook
"Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is life changing !!!! I never finish reading books 😂but this little gem requires taking time to read leaving it alone letting it weave through your being ahhhhh so perfect . Then knowing at the right time as if by magic it's time to explore the book again . 💕
freddieharrel ig
freddieharrel Frédérique Harrel
@veeteegee oh woooow you're amazing! Definitely motivating 💪🏾will check out Goodreads!! xx @michelewatson such a good idea!! @mboniique I find that if I read in bed, I'm asleep within 2mns 😂 @louise_mcg_ @simply.comfort ok definitely adding it to my list 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
freddieharrel ig
freddieharrel Frédérique Harrel
@capsulecreations @therossyrossi @_cakenbeans added to the list 😍 @nyoaco oh wow love that! No more guilt 😅 @ij3oma it's so big it's scary 😂 @motherhood_rx oh wow I couldn't keep up 🙈 @akasmartass I use timer for work so should do that for reading too! Brilliant tip! @barbarajane66 @yes_cloclo I miss too much info I get distracted 😭 @miss_jannine oh yes 10 pages I can do!! 😂
louise_mcg_ ig
louise_mcg_ Louise McGivern
@freddieharrel just make sure you add it to the TOP of your list - you will not regret it! (Let me know!) Also, I have zero time to read these days so I feel ya - SAHM is new to me and it is no joke!!
themayencollection ig
themayencollection The Mayen Collection
Love your little reading spot @freddieharrel :). It's tough getting daily reading in. Don't know how Warren Buffet does it! I'm juggling The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Meet The Dreamers (Imbolo Mbue)
pamwasimba ig
pamwasimba Pam Samasuwo-Nyawiri
@mrsdeeheehee much love to you. Hope the book touches you as much as it did when I wrote it ❤️❤️
jaffe_and_neale ig
jaffe_and_neale Jaffé&Neale
Great to meet you @wildernesshq Freddie - thanks for visiting our bookshop! We find going to bed half an hour earlier or giving yourself a goal to read a chapter a night is a good habit to make 😀
purple_nutmeg ig
purple_nutmeg Purple Nutmeg Ltd
I love ❤️ that love sign...😍 can you tell me where it's from @freddieharrel


selah.zion ig
Selah Liz
themerc85 ig
lanadel_mae ig
MaeLea 🦋
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Antavia Mason 나리
jaffe_and_neale ig
madzmag ig
Mag Madz (#DenimLover👖)
mary.akinyemi ig
Mary Akinyemi
antoinette_ibiza ig
Antoinette Ibiza
vaniadesa ig
darylls ig
Paola Nsongo
hazel_mang ig
Olanma Hazel Mang
mylifeaslulu ig
Oluchi "Lulu"
tobii_og ig
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just_msjones ig
Natanya Jones
spriamelia ig
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elkedostal ig
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leahjae ig
LJ. 🌺✨
auntieanniebooforest ig
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cjkoa ig
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em_meredith ig
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yanasvyatkina ig
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_ninaelise ig
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adzaanrafal ig
Adzaan Muqtadir ig
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mercykim ig
josetoro.0 ig
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aissamaiga ig
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leboudoirdemairah ig
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simply.von.s ig
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mishak14 ig
Meron Getachew
mayormarseille ig
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juneangelides ig
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unicornsands ig
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walawalki ig
isha ~ ईशा 🦋
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Chelsie Mesanko
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Keeping It Stylish 🎩 👞 👔
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Dorcas.J Mp🥀🇫🇷🇨🇬🇬🇵
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majestic disorder magazine
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J E N N I F E R ♥️
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the beat goes on.
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Interiors by Jacquin
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